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oh mj ilu

TW press con

In which:
- BAP is awkward.
- M.jup is adorable in his ~1.25s of talktime.
- Jae attempts halting Mandarin
(I feel a kinship, in that I'm fairly sure he's better at his foreign languages when practising in private),
Himchan/Jongup trot out one of the two (maybe three) sentences they know,
and the rest of BAP do not even try. ><
- The host/translator are delightfully informal
(are all TW press cons like this? Some of those side comments were super cute :'D)
but dumb down the question I really wanted to hear their answer to
(the one about the rowdy airport crowd).
- BYG should just answer the majority of the questions.
Zelo should be barred from answering any.
- BYG engages in his current favourite pastime, aka Himchan-teasing.
Best moment, tbqh - when did he get so relaxed at these things? :'D

They didn't actually manage to sell out the TW concert. Interesting.

Goosehouse peeps are the actual cutest *o*

And because there's no opportunity like the present
(and because 方大同 turns my thoughts - it'd probably be too much to call them reflections - inward),
real life:

1. So thankful to God for the job
(especially since it's not like the interview went swimmingly or anything);
it'll be excellent experience and v helpful for postgrad apps.
Now praying hard for good grades (esp on that screwy second CPS essay D:)/
that I don't crash and burn at the last hurdle (sigh, how awful/disappointing would that be). ;;

2. Time in the UK is nearing its end.
On the one hand, it's sad, and yet... idk, I guess I'm ready to go back.
I think much of the sadness arises from the fact that this marks the ending of a phase,
and the rest of it from the fact that I love this place/
all the ~charms it has which are absent from SG city life.
Other Singaporeans aside,
I don't think I've formed any relationships with people here that I will be unable to live without.
(Rather ironically, perhaps that is the saddest bit of all - though what is done is done.)

3. Three resolutions for the next month and beyond:
#1: Invest in relationships.
#2: Immerse myself in beautiful things. Read more poetry.
#3: Absorb all the knowledge I can.
oh mj ilu

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Went through the entire list of pan2pan2satoshi videos for the 1058293th time,
growing greener and greener with envy.
If I could copy a song like this guy can,
I would die happy.