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happytimes :)

so i saw RADWIMPS live tonight.

Truly magical experience.
Phenomenal solos (the bass vs guitar battles *O*), amazing showmanship all around;
also everyone is so sweet and everyone-besides-Yojiro (lmao) is tiny(!)
and Satoshi is actually pretty good at Chinese lolol.
No Order Made but they did pm all their other hits (Oshakashama is electrifying live, btw)
and everything was perfect.
I wish the gig had been longer (it lasted slightly less than two hours, I think?)
but it was completely worth the price and hoarse throat.

asdfjwer I love them so much. ;;;
(but not too soon because I will feel guilty about splurging again)
(and also not too much later because I might not be in SG)
oh mj ilu

TW press con

In which:
- BAP is awkward.
- M.jup is adorable in his ~1.25s of talktime.
- Jae attempts halting Mandarin
(I feel a kinship, in that I'm fairly sure he's better at his foreign languages when practising in private),
Himchan/Jongup trot out one of the two (maybe three) sentences they know,
and the rest of BAP do not even try. ><
- The host/translator are delightfully informal
(are all TW press cons like this? Some of those side comments were super cute :'D)
but dumb down the question I really wanted to hear their answer to
(the one about the rowdy airport crowd).
- BYG should just answer the majority of the questions.
Zelo should be barred from answering any.
- BYG engages in his current favourite pastime, aka Himchan-teasing.
Best moment, tbqh - when did he get so relaxed at these things? :'D

They didn't actually manage to sell out the TW concert. Interesting.

Goosehouse peeps are the actual cutest *o*

And because there's no opportunity like the present
(and because 方大同 turns my thoughts - it'd probably be too much to call them reflections - inward),
real life:

1. So thankful to God for the job
(especially since it's not like the interview went swimmingly or anything);
it'll be excellent experience and v helpful for postgrad apps.
Now praying hard for good grades (esp on that screwy second CPS essay D:)/
that I don't crash and burn at the last hurdle (sigh, how awful/disappointing would that be). ;;

2. Time in the UK is nearing its end.
On the one hand, it's sad, and yet... idk, I guess I'm ready to go back.
I think much of the sadness arises from the fact that this marks the ending of a phase,
and the rest of it from the fact that I love this place/
all the ~charms it has which are absent from SG city life.
Other Singaporeans aside,
I don't think I've formed any relationships with people here that I will be unable to live without.
(Rather ironically, perhaps that is the saddest bit of all - though what is done is done.)

3. Three resolutions for the next month and beyond:
#1: Invest in relationships.
#2: Immerse myself in beautiful things. Read more poetry.
#3: Absorb all the knowledge I can.
riidaa &lt;3

well. that was unexpected.

Kazoku Game (ep2):
...is surprisingly absorbing?? xD
Not a fan of Yoshimoto's methods at all
(though the whole shock-tactics-catalysing-change route is very Kaseifu no Mita),
but it's interesting to guess at what he/the rest of the characters will do next,
and I can't wait to see the family start to form healthier relationship patterns.
(Systemic theory!! :'D Sigh they're so dysfunctional.)
AND, A BIGBIG PLUS: Sho is actually good. \o/
He needs to take on roles like this/Kamiyama more often. <3

Sennyu Tantei Tokage (ep1):
The acting in this is nothing to crow about
(should've known, really; Shota is a far better comedic actor than he is a dramatic one -
though I WAS hoping for more humour in this than there actually was, so. DD:).
Neither are the characters
(crossing my fingers that Mochizuki gets less annoying as the show wears on -.-).
The red herrings were pretty clumsy too.
What saved the ep, imho, were the chase/showdown scenes
(which were pretty heart-thumpingly awesome:
Shota slides down a laundry chute! Shota leaps down a stairwell and dents a car!
No, I'm serious. They were exciting. :D
Though the writers clearly don't shy away from unexpected injuries/deaths. ><).
I liked the twisty little reveal at the end, too, about Tokage's nickname
(maybe it's just me being 迟钝, lol, but I HADN'T GUESSED OKAY.
Gives things a whole new dimension - I want that backstory nowww.).

B is the sweetest proj supervisor, haha
(hands me back my report with REAMS of penciled comments
and insists 'it's very good already' WHEN NOOO IT'S NOT LMAO. I KNOW MYSELF.) -
idek where to start. :(((
(Also: lol @ the fact that she pointed out over-hyphenation as my biggest stylistic flaw...
obviously it is high time to correct the habit. xD)
And there's revision, and job apps, and.

-4Min's mini is so catchy (and so inappropriate for revision, goodness).
Officially blaming Domino's overabundance of violins. xD
And still hooked on Standing Egg and Roy Kim,
which makes for a strange playlist, to say the least.
-The new tracks off Shout to the Walls! (save 鼓動) were a bit of a letdown.
I need my good emotional~ jams :(
-SekaOwa's RPG is amazing stuff (and Fukase is adorbs in the PV ;;).

The Popcorn con gives me a tremendous amount of feels.
Need to do a recap soon to get them out of my system.
(Ohno's Cosmos choreo is everything. And Juntoshi! And Two! And Energy Song!
+ it helps that the album songs are fantastic.)
riidaa &lt;3

(no subject)

Lmao it's like I'm on a quest to singlehandedly destroy my grades.

On nicer things,
Was saving the album for a better mood
and... just. ;____;
Jammingggg; it's all so THEM and ooh the hook of アルデバラン :D:D:D
Idk if the actual 映画 is better than the Conte version, hmmm.
And more songs should use that audio effect
that makes the music sound like it's coming from a nearby speaker. *o*

Also, the PV to Mr.ECHO is gorgeous.
The song is pretty too (though not as grabs-you-and-doesn't-let-go-y as 夢1号)
but THAT PV ugh.


DaeYOURARMSwhattheheck O.O
Jongup lololol aww. Never change, kid. <3
riidaa &lt;3

time and fandom wait for no man

Saikou no Rikon, ep 4 (in which my misgivings are officially dispelled):
This drama is so, so excellent at finding the funny in the unfunny,
and holding up mirrors to our foibles (lol it hit home so many times, sigh).
Yeah, it's not always pleasant,
but there is a point to that unpleasantness.
(And, on the plus side, no one makes decisions as illogical as Nao's(!).)
Even if I'm disappointed later on,
at least I can say it's unlike anything else I've ever watched.

(and wow @ Dae's falsetto/his last note).
If Goodbye had had better singing it would have been up there too.

Only peripherally-related but was silent-tearing over this earlier on l-lol.
My life needs more Dae!ballads
(and not any old let's-stick-this-in-to-keep-the-vocalists-happy song either, TS >:().

Collapse )
oh mj ilu

(no subject)

Just watched the Arafes perf of Tokei,
and the choreo is SO GOOD.
Someone on Arama was saying it was all over the place, but NOOO IT WASN'T.
It's the sort of song whose themes lend themselves to easy interpretation,
so I guess that's partly the reason (and Tokei is always amazing, either way),
but I love that while Ohno isn't recycling moves here
(I heard he did for Two, though, which makes me go all DDD:)
this sort of fluidity is clearly his style/it isn't as constrained by the beats as it could be.
The problem is the execution
(as it always is for Arashi, haha -
it still baffles me, years on, how Aiba manages to ADD moves to choreo... WHILE BEING A FULL BEAT AHEAD xDD)
but just watch Ohno throughout, multiply him by five and you get what he was aiming for. <333
(e.g. the move during the 'yasashii kasa sotto sashite ikou' line - flawfree ;~;)
I think the choreo during the first part of the rap should have hit much harder,
but that's minor in the scheme of things
(okay so this bit is quite possibly my Ohno-love speaking).
oh mj ilu

(no subject)

Finally started Ooku ~Tanjou~;
on the third episode now, and it's an... interesting drama.
I confess I took a while to finish the first ep,
but my misgivings from then -
'Sakai Masato's miscast', 'the dialogue's too stilted',
'NOOO WHAT IS THIS why is everyone a horrible person' -
have dissipated somewhere between amazingly-melodramatic character backstories,
Gyokuei's unexpected vengefulness,
Arikoto taking the Shogun on as his pet charity case
and, well, Arikoto's pretentious awesomeness in general. *o*
The MISIA theme song is also beautiful and surprisingly-appropriate.
But the body/rape count keeps rising -
I was wincing throughout the first ep
(even though nothing was actually explicitly shown).

And lol the whole OMG-Koki-is-a-monk thing was such an exaggeration.
He's a monk for all of... three-quarters of an episode. O.o

EDIT: 6 episodes in and whoa the pacing is so strange/touch-and-go.
You get a few days, then Shogun sleeps with Harem Member A
(acccompanied by an appropriate amount of angsting on Arikoto's part),
then BAM it's 9 months later and ooh baby.
(A relatively-large one too, haha.)
And the proceedings are sometimes so stilted/
umm-why-on-earth-would-you-even-do-that-ish -
maybe it's the cultural or historical period gap,
but it doesn't sit very well with me.
(Not to mention the whole Arikoto/Gyokuei situation
is giving me weird Sarah/Hagar throwbacks.)
I don't really know how I feel about the drama as a whole, tbh,
but I think I'm going to end up finishing it anyway just to see what happens to Arikoto.

EDIT #2: I finished Ooku and just wanted to record one thought
which I think I'll never be able to reproduce again. /orz
I think my problems with the drama could be boiled down to one:
the fact that not only did the characters see themselves as bit players,
disposable in the service of grander goals/nobler ideals
(a worldview that doesn't quite gel with modern notions of self/value),
it never truly brought us - as viewers - beyond that either.
Sure, it skimmed the surface, esp wrt Iemitsu and Masakatsu,
but there was no real in-depth exploration of ANY character's motivations and emotions -
and, consequently, no emotional payoff.
I don't often say this,
but this is one show that might have benefited from greater length and/or narrower focus.

So I had the fantastic idea of rewatching Ohno's con solos.
Of course, that led to me digging up Time and AAA2008,
which led to me rewatching BW...
and wow I'm now in the thick of glorious concerts and squeeing and ilusmArashi
/brb, fangirling beckons
oh mj ilu

(no subject)

Lol I think I'm going to need a Sad Rock playlist soon.

Why on earth (haha) does giffgaff give me service in one half of my room
but not the other? O.o

Just watched the fancam of the Never Give Up rock remix
and it was actually pretty good!
Sort of 'Never Give Up: Delinquent Ver.'.
Definitely interesting -
and further up BYG's alley than the original
(not that that took very much to deduce).
Plus lmao at the uploader's semi-complain-y vid description
and the contrast between this/BYG's solo and Hajima.

Aiba has a winter drama!
In which he stars as a... doctor.
Let us take a moment to appreciate the irony. xD
There's Tabe Mikako too, which is nice,
though I'm slightly worried because Aibb's not exactly the best actor around these parts
(and tends not to pick/be given the best-written dramas).

One of the best things this tumblr age has gifted us with
is how sometimes you can just tell from what is reposted on a blog/the tags
that someone would be an absolute sweetheart in real life.
It gives me warm fuzzy there-are-nice-people-in-this-world feelings. <33