z (___varying) wrote,


Oh, Legal High.
You ridiculous, ridiculous drama.
Just when I thought it had started to tackle the Mayuzumi VS Komikado conflict of ideologies in earnest,
it backpedalled into the safe territory of meaningless slapstick. ><
The last episode had so many tone changes and separate endings
that it was pretty obvious the writers didn't know how to conclude it satisfactorily.
The premise held so much promise,
and the series definitely had its moments/great acting,
but on the whole... it could have been a load smarter/sharper, both script- and plot-wise.

On the other hand, Kagiheya exited with a veritable bang.
Enomoto, you badass evil genius you. <333
I do wish they had introduced the snappier material earlier on
instead of hinting vaguely at it and stuffing everything into the last episode,
but I'll take what I can get, lol.
Definitely ratcheted the dramatic tension up a notch.

It's been a decidedly-uneven ride with these two,
but on the whole I'd say I enjoyed them more than disliked them.
Not essential J-dramas, but eminently watchable.
Tags: jdramas: kagi no kakatta heya, jdramas: legal high
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