z (___varying) wrote,

dramas I have no business watching

Legal High - fabulously hilarious.
Sakai Masato is flawless,
Aragaki Yui is more adorable than annoying (IKR, I thought I'd never see the day),
and Komikado's butler-cum-clerk is the cutest butler-cum-clerk ever.
(Not that there's much competition, but still.)
It goes down so, so easily.
I like. I like very much.

The first episode was pretty cool.
It appears to be more of a howdunit than a whodunit, which is a nice change.
I adore Enomoto already -
it's great that he's a socially-awkward genius but fundamentally nice,
which aren't by any means mutually-exclusive characteristics
but are perenially treated by Dramaland as if they are. :(
Plus he seems to be a thief too!
I also approve of the heavily-synth soundtrack, lol. It's refreshing.

In Kdrama news,
King 2 Hearts is just getting better and better
(Jae-shin X Shi-kyung, have my heart. ;__; ...I am so invested.),
and Rooftop Prince is stagnating
(tbqh, the only thing keeping me watching is the qt posse).
Tags: jdramas: kagi no kakatta heya, jdramas: legal high, kdramas
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