z (___varying) wrote,

Watching Coffee Prince,
and while it is by no means the comic masterpiece I was brought to believe it was,
how much do I love that the writer pushed the issue all the way
and made Han Kyul
(a) go through all the emotional turmoil of am-I-gay
(even managing to come to terms with his sexuality), and
(b) actually confess to Eun Chan while still believing she was a guy?
I think it's terrific that there wasn't any Sano-esque copout,
i.e. Sano figuring it out chao1 early
and the rest of the show revolving around him helping Ashiya cover it up.
(It made for entertaining times, yes, but sacrificed a lot of dramatic tension.)

The mains are enjoyable to watch (and so are the rest of the cafe employees,
along with Han Kyul's adorable grandma),
but I wish Couple No. 2 were more likeable.
At first they were boring,
and then they crossed over to annoying.
Now their parts are unceremoniously fastforwarded.
Tags: kdramas
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