z (___varying) wrote,

One more step towards the big 3-0 -
yet still as young as ever. <333
You've taught me so much,
and made me feel so much more at home with myself.

10 episodes into 9 End 2 Outs
and ack I love Hyung Tae X Nan Hee.
I really do.
I love that Hyung Tae's not another take on the tsundere hero.
And I absolutely, absolutely love how they're so forthright with each other.
They tell each other exactly how they feel -
there are no ridiculous pull-push games,
or silly posturing/second-guessing.
There's such solid trust there,
and that's what makes the friendship-blossoming-into-love so beautiful/genuine.
(Argh, first Sekai and now this.
Dramas, stop making me want what I can't have.)

Prime example:
Hyung Tae, in response to Nan Hee's question about when he started liking her.
'When I saw your love kindle,
I wanted to have it,
and wanted to give also.'
Matter-of-fact, yes -
simple, yes -
but so moving BECAUSE of that. <3 Hyung Tae, <3 scriptwriters.

Now's hoping that the ex-that-wants-him-back trope coming up
doesn't blow my liking of this drama into pieces,
because it is pretty much the best Kdrama I've ever watched. D:
Tags: arashi, jpop, kdramas
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