z (___varying) wrote,

Having to beat down this insane urge
to rewatch Shukudai-kun from start to end.
D:D: I wish the exams were over.

Also, I can't believe myself. ><
No, Z, the songs Kwon/Ga In sang for Shim Shim Ta Pa
the day they made the announcement that Adam Couple was leaving WGM
do not call for full-out sobbing.
ARGH but the way Ga In broke down halfway just breaks my heart,
no matter how many times I listen to it. O___O

And I kind of really want that I Can't cover Kwon/Khun recorded.

Everything is so messy right now;
I've got the equivalent of 3 more strands to revise...before next week.
I wish I could feel more optimistic about this entire situation.
Tags: jvariety, kvariety, rl

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