z (___varying) wrote,

If one thing has changed since I entered fandom,
it might be how I now count computer usage in megabytes and gigabytes
instead of kilobytes. O.o

My to-watch list stands as follows.
It has, rather unfortunately,
grown exponentially since the start of post-As.

1. D no Arashi (which I am past the halfway mark of!
And which is just getting better and better. HEARTS :))
2. G no Arashi
3. Odoroki no Arashi SPs
4. Mago Mago Arashi
5. Arashi no Shukudai-kun

And, in-between (somehowsomehow):
5. A Million Stars Falling From The Sky
(I gave up after 8 episodes the last time. ><)
6. Saigo No Yakusoku
7. Ryusei no Kizuna

8. Maou (yes, I know - what kind of Ohno fan am I?)
9. Uta no Onii-san (ditto)
10. Tokyo DOGS
11. Haikei, Chichue-sama
12. Kisarazu Cat's Eye
13. My Girl
14. Last Friends
15. My Boss, My Hero
16. Nodame
17. Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban
18. Ocean Waves (Studio Ghibli)
19. Grave of the Fireflies

20. Paprika
21. Kaibutsu-kun
22. Sunao ni Narenakute (STRUCK OFF)
23. Kimi wa Petto
24. Liar Game 2
25. Love Shuffle
26. Shinzanmono
27. Mimi o Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)
28. My Neighbour Totoro
29. Kiina
30. Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
31. Parade
32. Kokuhaku
33. Unubore Deka
34. Ikigami
35. Keizoku 2: SPEC
36. Hero
37. Ao no Honoo
38. JOKER: Yurusarezaru Sousakan
39. Nagareboshi
40. Akunin
41. BOSS

The latest JE hate meme has been a highly useful source of information!
I now know that Subbers D and N are to be avoided,
that primrosegallery has written more Arashi fic than I've read,
and that KAT-TUN is one step closer to a breakup.
Tags: arashi, fandoms, jdramas: general, jfilms

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