May 15th, 2011

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Yoko's solo line has destroyed BOTH the My Home lives.
Which makes me sad,
because I do like Yoko and the song is lovely.
I don't know why he's having so much trouble, though,
because his voice is completely fine (by Johnny's standards, anyway)
on his later line (the one that has Yasu harmonising).
>< Sigh.

(Though the ninja!appearance of Sho's Troublemaker suit half-makes up for it...
plus Ohkura's smile at the start of the perf was all kinds of adorbs. xD
And RYO. Why so hot, even with the lyric screw-up.
Subaru's vocal style is also really, really growing on me. :D:D)

At first I was all O.o O.o O.o, because it's YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.
Which I loved, and which -
more importantly -
Jang Geun Suk pretty much owned from start to finish.
But there was a comment on arashi_on
that mentioned that it'd basically be X episodes of Ohno spoofing Jun,
and that just got me.
Also, Ohno has a history of defying expectations (Maou, anyone?),
so I can't wait to see how he does in the role.
Haha I AM SO EXCITED NOW :DDD; I hope the rumour is true.
(Ohno and K-drama remakes are fated to be, it seems.)

I hope the butler!Ohno drama does get filmed sometime, though.
It would be hilarious.

More ramblings about my pet Kpop topics:
The Kpop and Jpop idol industries strike me as so different.
Kpop's a lot more...down and dirty?
That makes it sound worse than it is, but that's the term that comes to mind.
I remember there was an article a long time ago
in which Dawn Yeoh's manager -
who apparently also managed and/or was close to Tamaki Hiroshi, can't remember which -
talked about how the Japanese idol industry is all about keeping its stars 'untouchable' or separate from the fans,
and I couldn't believe that was the case given Arashi's down-to-earth, boys-next-door image.
Now that I'm more acquainted with Korea's idol industry,
I get his point.
Japanese idols have far more privacy/independence -
you get your own homes once you've debuted
(none of this sharing dorms business),
the pay for individual gigs isn't shared (as far as I know),
and you have far fewer obligations to the fans than Korean idols do.
Johnny's boys aren't even allowed Twitter accounts.

Pluses and minuses.
Kpop's stars' dealings with the fans brings them far closer to the fans, no doubt.
There are FAR more opportunities for interactions with the fans,
as well as for intra- or inter-group interactions/selcas that serve to endear idols to their fans more.
So, we get barrel-loads of what we want to see:
cross-group hijinks, backstage antics,
~intimate~ details of their offcamera lives.
(NGL, I squeal every time I read the translated Beast memberXBeast member tweets.
Or see fancams of Oneday being kids together at that idol sports meet.).
But the lack of a barrier comes with all the attendant drama.
Of course the majority remain moderate fans,
but some end up feeling as if they have some sort of ownership of the idols,
or some sort of influence over their choices.
(Thus: antis, sasaengs, ugly overreactions e.g. The DBSK/2PM Incidents.)
The idols have far less privacy than they should,
and/or end up having to portray a certain image that isn't necessarily them or a full picture of who they are (a la Gyuri, Kwon).

Plus, as I see it,
the whole Entertainment Is Key (haha, Key)/Fans Are First mentality
also means that anyone/any incident is fair game as far as talkshows/interviews go,
which - while understandable (maybe it's an unwritten rule in Kpop culture? Not to take anything said in interviews personally?) -
makes me slightly uncomfortable at times.

Oh, and. Random addition, but FANCHANTS.
One more item to add to the list of things
that annoy me more than they probably should.
I understand that it's a way of expressing love, but wow.
Way to destroy the atmosphere of a song, people.