April 24th, 2011

oh mj ilu

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I suspect I am suffering from some serious Jo Kwon X Ga In withdrawal.
After spamming all of their WGM episodes over the past few days -
and weeping buckets over the second half of the last episode (WHYYYY) -
I now have We Fell In Love and Happy Me on repeat.

Not that I have much experience with Korean reality TV,
but based on WGM alone:
it's incredibly interesting
how much Korean shows blur the line between fantasy and reality.
Not just because of the standard *psst*are-they-really-dating business,
but also because the whole couple thing just spills over
(and over, and over)
into so many spheres -
bandmates, family, staff, career.
They release SONGS based on the show, guys.
They also meet each other's PARENTS!

Imagine the impact:
you have this show,
which presumably takes up copious amounts of time
(and, if you're a proper celebrity, you don't have much of this in the first place),
and invades your privacy like nobody's business (haha),
but which can also bring your popularity to new heights
(as the Adam Couple would no doubt attest to).
You even get the chance to quash gay rumours deemed unbefitting of an idol. xD
(Off-tangent, but I don't actually think Kwon is gay?
I think a lot of the flamboyance is there because he is a huge attention-whore, lol.
And he knows what exactly to do to make himself memorable.
Though my gaydar is not exactly known for its accuracy,
so I reserve the right to take back this statement if he ever comes out.)

But, back to Jo Kwon/Ga In.
I loved the balance they had -
and I loved the fact that the balance didn't come absolutely naturally.
Yes, they were friends before WGM,
but they had to learn to grow round each other.
They're such disparate personalities,
so much so that you'd never expect to see them get together
but wholeheartedly root for them when they do
because their old-married-couple dynamic is just too adorable+hilarious.

I like that the two of them would never have gotten close if not for the show.
I don't believe Jo Kwon and Ga In are in love
(that's another thing -
the show throws words like 'love' around so frivolously!),
but I do believe that there's sincere affection/friendship there,
and I love that the show managed to get them to explore that.
I hope they pursue their relationship (whatever it is!) beyond WGM,
because that would just be the cutest thing ever.

I liked that no part of the relationship
(the growth process, the interactions, the physical bits)
ever felt scripted, even if it was
(the result of good acting? Of good directors/screenwriters?).
Whatever naysayers say,
believable chemistry doesn't just fall out of the sky with pretty words and skinship.
(In fact, this is the very reason why
I couldn't get through Khuntoria episodes -
I just couldn't buy them as a couple.)

I just wish the annoying commentators back in the studio
had avoided reading so much into everything.
That's the biggest thing I disliked about the show:
it's so awfully in-your-face
about its mission to make you think the two celebrities in question are dating.
GUYS. Not every look/gesture has to be an expression of someone's undying love.
Or jealousy, or ecstasy,
or whatever emotion you think
best fits the burgeoning ~romance of a thousand centuries~.
If you overdo it, you make the relationship seem even less genuine -
it's that simple.

Oh and 2AM must be the most hilarious bunch of overgrown teenage boys EVER.
How are these people idols, seriously. <3