z (___varying) wrote,

Double Tone, finale:
Ended on a neat - if predictable - note.
One thing: didn't understand why Tamura Yumi WOULDN'T retain awareness of Nakano Yumi,
since only the future was changed?
Unless the whole scenario was reset once the problem was solved,
but sigh can you say unnecessary. :(

東京の空 takes off all my rough edges.
Perfect song, perfect drama. ;;

Music Bank:
Oh wow M.jup just stole every single frame he was in (way kid moves is smouldering *O*).
The MV should've just been them dancing -
then it wouldn't even have had the /chance/ to devolve into an incoherent mess.
Also: Junhong rapping in CS like that kid we all know
who is too embarrassed to take his school play lines seriously lol.

ALL THESE OHNO MAG SPREADS :Q___ gotta catch 'em all

Tags: arashi, b.a.p, jdramas: double tone, jdramas: soredemo ikite yuku, kpop, poetry
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