z (___varying) wrote,

Was watching the Youngstreet show,
and I don't even like Boom (he comes across as incredibly self-indulgent)
but whoa was that a masterclass in interviewing or what??
I.e. the way he paraphrases/reflects what the interviewees say back at them
(or knows what they want to say without them saying it, like with BYG),
or is all ~I understand where you're coming from~/
reassures them that what they're saying is acceptable
(thereby luring them into revealing more !juicy! details),
or makes over-the-top comparisons/gives over-the-top compliments to butter them up, etc.
Lol idk I thought it was very impressive.

And boy did it pay off.
They can be so awk when they're uncomfortable -
and that was definitely one of the most interesting interviews they've done.
M.jup pretty much ruled it from start to finish
(whether directly... or, well, indirectly [aww, Jae]). <3


EDIT: Just skimmed SSTP sans subs and wow it's not Boom IT'S THEM ISN'T IT.
Eek they're actually getting better with interviews?
(Or getting more comfortable with Shindong too, haha).
Zelo/Jae you need to stoppp I'm already neck-deep in presh. :'(
And apparently they're on Sukira on Saturday as well and Ryeowook/Sungmin are lovely. :D
Tags: b.a.p, kpop

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