z (___varying) wrote,


You know it's an odd day when SHINee's just released something
but you're listening to Nanba Shiho lol.

Was searching for a dl-able version of MUSIC again AND FOUND THIS :D:D
I adore it so much.
Great mix of the upbeat/super-cute(!) and still/lovely,
and every track actually works as a standalone -
even カノープス has this scrap of instrumental (1:40-1:45)
which is just interesting enough to prevent the song from sliding into boring-ballad territory.

Faves apart from MUSIC and 少女、ふたたび
(which I had previously brushed off! - what was my taste at the time, smh):
and まつひと (which features the most gorgeous piano base I've heard in months...
sort of Ravel-y in spots, even? Hahaha y-yeah maybe I'm reaching.).

EDIT: Sitting in front of my comp screen at midnight getting all teary-eyed.
Over CD LINER NOTES, of all things.
Lmao @ my life.
EDIT #2: Wow add getting emotional over a photo to that list. Sighh
Tags: b.a.p, jpop, kpop

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