z (___varying) wrote,

Was reading Himchan's super-long tweet
(sigh, boy really shouldn't need to feel bad about being injured, of all things ;____;),
and perhaps this isn't particularly relevant in this case,
but it made me wonder how closely celebrities actually monitor
what people (fans or otherwise) say about/to them,
and how much they take said talk to heart.

One Shot makes me want to run on expansive plains lol
(like a cheetah! Or a horse. ...okay, probably more like an injured, ready-to-be-eaten deer sigh).
Ilu, song. I really do.
Apart from - in spite of - your awk English, that is
(strangely, it's not even BYG's questionable lyrics that get me,
but the way the syllables in Dae's 'Don't stop/ go away' are emphasised by the rhythm? ><).

Goodness Bangsong you guys are adorable. ;~; 
Tags: b.a.p, kpop

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