z (___varying) wrote,

Smh at myself for what is apparently going to be a stupid, stupidly time-sucking attempt
to juggle FOUR FREAKING DRAMAS this season.
GOODNESS Z what are you doing. ><

Anyway, Karamazov no Kyoudai, eps1-2:
Yoshida Kotaro, Ichihara Hayato - COULD YOU BE ANY MORE COMPELLING asdfijqv. ;____;
This is so desolate, determinedly so 
(hello, random crow imagery and liberal desaturation... wait, is this noir?),
and ugh Bunzo makes me simultaneously sad and fist-punchingly angry,
but N E G L I am so here for the melodrama/atmospherics/whodunit.
(Even if I may have spoiled myself by reading the Wiki synopsis of The Brothers Karamazov.
*twiddles fingers sheepishly*)
Smart use of the interrogation process + smirky detective as a framing device too,
though following the timeline of the flashbacks was a liiittle difficult.

FBND, show of my heart.
That scene in ep7, when Enrique and Dok Mi are going at each other -
ugh the emotions are raw and the acting is fantastic,
and these people are oh-so-flawed and hurting and real.
Is it too early to label this my favourite K-drama ever?
Might actually rec this to Mom,
since Enrique's attempt at 'advising' Dok Mi in said scene
is probably one of the first-lesson 'don't's of Counselling 101.
Tags: jdramas: karamazov no kyoudai, kdramas
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