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Flower Boy Next Door, ep4:
This drama speaks to me, on so many levels. <3 
Love the fact that the triangle doesn't just entail a decision between two guys
but between two ways of dealing with the world
(and Jin Rak's idealisation of her as this ~paragon of purity~ is especially interesting?
I wonder how he'll react as she shows him her other sides, or changes.).
I want to see Dok Mi grow, and deal with her issues, and make conscious choices, and be the better for it.
Don't let me down, show. ;___;

Saikou no Rikon, ep1:
Hahaha. Well.
Dove in not quite knowing what to expect,
and surfaced... still not knowing what to expect for the rest of it. /orz
Definitely intrigued, though.
Can't wait to see where this leads (especially wrt the exploration of themes).
I think it might actually end up less controversial than the premise makes it out to be
(i.e. Akari catalysing Mitsuo's rediscovery - or discovery - of the love in his marriage,
rather than the focus being cheating per se)?

For something billed as a comedy, the humour (where present)
turned out far subtler than I thought it would be
(except for the ending credits sequence, which is utterly awesome [CRYING; mad props, for serious]) -
though appropriately offbeat/cynical lol.
And while I do appreciate the oddities
(like Mitsuo's awesomely out-of-place love of animals + how that carries over to his favourite sport, haha xD),
the characters are admittedly not the most endearing.

That being said, there is this brilliant moment of lyricism,
when Mitsuo is talking to Akari about how he ended up with Yuka -
how 'it started because [he] didn't know what to call her and placed a hand on her shoulder',
and how  '[they] held hands because [they] didn't know what to talk about',
which was such an poignant summing-up
of the sort of lackadaisical easing-into-things characterising their marriage. </3
And it's cool that Akari provides a new perspective on these memories Mitsuo clearly hasn't considered.
I literally paused the ep there for a while to take it in, lmao.


How did I not realise that the full version of Sakura Mitsutsuki was out?!?
It's fairly-standard SPYAIR anime OP fare, 
but since they've more than proven that they're not stuck in a stylistic rut
(e.g. with Blowing and Star, which I love to teeny bits),
I'm sitting back and enjoying the (v catchy) ride. b"d
Tags: jdramas: saikou no rikon, jrock, kdramas

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