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Finally started Ooku ~Tanjou~;
on the third episode now, and it's an... interesting drama.
I confess I took a while to finish the first ep,
but my misgivings from then -
'Sakai Masato's miscast', 'the dialogue's too stilted',
'NOOO WHAT IS THIS why is everyone a horrible person' -
have dissipated somewhere between amazingly-melodramatic character backstories,
Gyokuei's unexpected vengefulness,
Arikoto taking the Shogun on as his pet charity case
and, well, Arikoto's pretentious awesomeness in general. *o*
The MISIA theme song is also beautiful and surprisingly-appropriate.
But the body/rape count keeps rising -
I was wincing throughout the first ep
(even though nothing was actually explicitly shown).

And lol the whole OMG-Koki-is-a-monk thing was such an exaggeration.
He's a monk for all of... three-quarters of an episode. O.o

EDIT: 6 episodes in and whoa the pacing is so strange/touch-and-go.
You get a few days, then Shogun sleeps with Harem Member A
(acccompanied by an appropriate amount of angsting on Arikoto's part),
then BAM it's 9 months later and ooh baby.
(A relatively-large one too, haha.)
And the proceedings are sometimes so stilted/
umm-why-on-earth-would-you-even-do-that-ish -
maybe it's the cultural or historical period gap,
but it doesn't sit very well with me.
(Not to mention the whole Arikoto/Gyokuei situation
is giving me weird Sarah/Hagar throwbacks.)
I don't really know how I feel about the drama as a whole, tbh,
but I think I'm going to end up finishing it anyway just to see what happens to Arikoto.

EDIT #2: I finished Ooku and just wanted to record one thought
which I think I'll never be able to reproduce again. /orz
I think my problems with the drama could be boiled down to one:
the fact that not only did the characters see themselves as bit players,
disposable in the service of grander goals/nobler ideals
(a worldview that doesn't quite gel with modern notions of self/value),
it never truly brought us - as viewers - beyond that either.
Sure, it skimmed the surface, esp wrt Iemitsu and Masakatsu,
but there was no real in-depth exploration of ANY character's motivations and emotions -
and, consequently, no emotional payoff.
I don't often say this,
but this is one show that might have benefited from greater length and/or narrower focus.

So I had the fantastic idea of rewatching Ohno's con solos.
Of course, that led to me digging up Time and AAA2008,
which led to me rewatching BW...
and wow I'm now in the thick of glorious concerts and squeeing and ilusmArashi
/brb, fangirling beckons
Tags: arashi, concerts, jdramas: ooku ~tanjou~, jpop

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