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Okay, it was good, but nowhere as good as people make it out to be
(which seems to be a trend wrt my opinion of highly-regarded/popular Kdramas, lol).
I really, really liked the first half of it -
whizzed through up to episode 10 or so -
but there can only be so much before the plotlines start getting draggy,
the endless stream of pop culture references tiresome,
the *dumdumdum*WHO'S-THE-HUSBANDDD stuff old,
and the Grey's Anatomy-esque voiceover annoying/preachy.
The 1997-2000 segments were much better-written than the 2005-2013 ones, overall,
and the last two episodes could essentially have been condensed into one. ><
But I liked the series' structure,
(e.g. the way they interspersed vignettes from different time periods/tied them together
or filmed the same scene from different points-of-view).
The characters were lovable (Eunji's acting is a revelation),
and the treatment of youth honest.
Not to mention, Joon Hee+his whole storyline were handled very sensitively, imo.
(OT: why does Hoya's head seem too big for his body? O.o
His side profile is lovely, though.)

I think I write all these rambly srs!bsns entries about nothing in particular
to convince myself that my frivolity has a purpose.

Nice Guy:
Just finished ep 1
(I know starting dramas while they're airing is setting myself up for disappointment,
but the prospect of hot oppar was too tempting, lol),
Wham in the face, right off the bat.
SJK is one magnetic actor
and so, so much better than the whole pretty-boy image would suggest,
and I'm always down for badass/bitter/explosive/slightly-unhinged heroines
(here's hoping the looming amnesia plot device doesn't destroy that O.O)
and some good old juicy mystery.
(Plus, that frenetic string orchestra soundtrack gives me the chills.)
Bring it on, drama. b"d

Btw, while I'm on Jongup
(tenuous links are my forte, haha [EDIT: and so is unintended innuendo, apparently /orz]),
this makes me squee so hard, goodness. <333
Tags: b.a.p, kdramas

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