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7 September
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Current layout; Friends only. Black, white, and gray. I make all my own layouts, but I sometimes refer to tutorials like everything_lj and "lj user="howto">. PS I have connections in the mafia [wink wink], so dont steal my shit. And yes, you may promote in my FRIENDS ONLY POST [not my regular entries], but superficial rating communities are dumb because I say so.

Before you add me, you might wanna know a little more about me. I'm Laura, freshman in high school, lj-obsessed, usually very friendly, and I love making friends. So please dont hesistate to comment; I'll most likely add you. I'm short, crazy, loud, obnoxious, random, and just fucked up in general. I'm not your average kinda gal, so dont expect too much from me. I try not to follow the crowd too much, and I hate liars and poseurs with a passion. And let me make one thing very clear, if nothing else: DO NOT start stupid drama in my journal. I will personally hunt you down and cut off your genitals if you do. Hmm, what else? I can often be found listening to Letterkills, watching Law & Order SVU, playing guitar, or kicking something. I swear alot and I'll probably say things in this journal that are a little .. "risque" [??]. Things that make me happy are friends, Brand New, Jesse Lacey, playing guitar, Law and Order: SVU, Fall Out Boy, laughing, sex, and kiwi. Things that make me want to stab myself in the face are Hilary Duff, Hilary Duff, and, uhm, Hilary Duff. If you're a major glittery-eye-shadowed, pre-teen HD fan .. that doesnt mean I wont add you, I just expect you to silence yourself on the subject of that poseur bitch in my journal, that's all. And please keep in mind that I dream about her prolonged, excruciating death. But that's irrelevant.

Layouts I've done so far:
xxbam46xx (Dukie)
flakieblakie (Blake)
courtney3659 (Courtney)
sweetthang63897 (Jess)
dahaasinator (Erica)
scream_softley (Mallory)

I love doing layout requests, so head on over to _grrraphix_ and request one. NOW, loserface.

Yknow, I dont really like making my journal friends only & make all these rules & crap..but I wanna keep what I write just between people I know & trust..or LJ-friends that seem pretty chill. But pretty much if you're nice funny and a little bit out-there, I'm sure we'd be friends. Please enjoy reading my journal & follow all the rules!! Thanks!!

Layout cursors and backgrounds credited to Soup Faerie. My current icon [Stewie from Family Guy; screen cap from Evil Monkey episode] is credited to the brilliant mind of ninechords. Thank you. <3

Bands/musicians; Letterkills, Fall Out Boy, Brand New, Jesse Lacey, Something Corporate, Greenday, Taking Back Sunday, Dave Matthews Band, HIM, The Clash, No Doubt, My Chemical Romance, Story of the Year, REM, Sugarcult, Letter Kills, Anberlin.
Movies; Not Another Teen Movie, The Breakfast Club, Zoolander, The Wizard of Oz, Meet the Parents, The New Guy, Elf, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, CKY3, Taxi.
Obsessions; Brand New, Jesse Lacey, Fall Out Boy, Bam Margera, Jimmy Fallon, SNL, Not Another Teen Movie, being obnoxious, sex talk, Law & Order: SVU, Benson/Stabler [as partners in CRIME FIGHTING, not the BEDROOM, sorry DW].

Hilary Duff. That's pretty much it.

Here's a list of my communties:
emo_fuckers [maintainer/founder]
_fuckxoff_ [co-maintainer]
new_at_icons [affiliate]
_____not_cool_ [affiliate]
_grrraphix_ [my graphics journal]

My community is emo_fuckers which is linked above. Click the Chucks & you will be directed to the fabulosity of my emo heaven.

Credit to puddin_pi or getchablinkon.

Shit I just realized that my laptop is pretty much brand new, and it has Windows XP and such..and on older computers, even just a few years old, the font shows up different, the hearts show up as question marks, the colors are a bit strange, the cursor doesnt show up [it's this wicked cool checkerbox thing lol], and the sidebar is waaaaaay off to the side. So, sorry guys, if you have an older computer, it's gonna look like I cant make layouts for shit. Which I probably cant anyway.

To learn more about me, keep reading:
a static lullaby, acoustic guitar, acting, adam sandler, american eagle, anberlin, anti hilary duff, as i lay dying, autopilot off, bam margera, ben stiller, boiling points, boston red sox, bowling for soup, brand new, brand new icons, bright eyes, christopher meloni, chuck taylors, crossfade, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, disney classics, disney graphics, drake and josh, drake bell, edward scissorhands, electric guitar, elliot stabler, emo, emo icons, emo layouts, exploding dog, exploding dog icons, fall out boy, fall out boy icons, family guy, family guy icons, finch, free layouts, friends, graphics, greenday, gwen stefani, happy bunny, hawthorne heights, him, hot topic, irony, jack skellington, jesse lacey, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, jimmy fallon, juliana theory, law and order, law and order: svu, letterkills, meet the fockers, meet the parents, motormouth, mtv, music, my chemical romance, napoleon dynamite, new found glory, no doubt, olivia benson, owen wilson, pacsun, paul mccartney, pimp my ride, punk rock, randomness, randomosity, rating communities, rem, reno 911, robert deniro, sarcasm, saturday night live, saves the day, senses fail, snl, something corporate, spencer's gifts, spill canvas, story of the year, straylight run, sugarcult, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the beatles, the breakfast club, the clash, the color purple, the cure, the killers, the land before time, the mask, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the simpsons, the used, the wizard of oz, thrice, thursday, tinkerbell, tnbc, tony the tiger, trevor mahon, usher, van, vh1, vintage, vote 4 pedro, will ferell, willy wonka, yellowcard, zoolander,