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This is my panic


2 August

R.I.P. Mommy
I miss you

Marriage is love.

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She is 17 18 years old and she is the oldest of four kids. She likes Frank Sinatra and acoustic music.
She believes in love at first sight.
She has brused her teeth with her figer on rare occasions.
Her favorite movie is the Breakfast Club.
She cries during Disney movies and sad songs.
She loves cookies.
She loved her mom.
She bites her nails,and cracks her knuckles.
She tries not to be something she's not.
She loves dogs and kids.
Her grandparents are her heroes, and sometimes when she watches football she gets a little too excited.
She want to be cool.
She still believes in Santa.
She hates tomatoes and onions.
Her favorite flower is a carnation.
She has horrible spelling, and sje gets sun burnt easily.
She drinks expensive coffee that doesn't taste any better than those from a gas station.
She doesn't like to be corrected.
She likes sleeping in, and her favorite food is her grandma's lemon pound cake.
She doesn't wear dresses.
She spits out the window, and she gets jealous easily.
She fight with her sister even though she loves her.
She would spend her last 15 dollars on a good concert.
She hates bigots, hypocrites, and liars.
She droola and hates airplanes.
She hates other peoples inside jokes.
She gets mad very easily and she can hold a grudge like nobodies business…(just ask Austin).
She drops food on her shirt.
She watches tv with her mouth wide open, and she loves to be the center of attention.
She can't subtract without a calculator.
She reads in the car even though it makes her sick.
She is uninspiring.
She is unorigional.
She lies and cheats on tests.
She listens to hillary duff.
She listens to hair medtal.
She misses her mom.
Her room is messy.
She listens to public broadcasting.
She chews with her mouth open, and she pushes the snooze button six before she auctally wakes up.
She will control the radio.
She sleeps on the right side of the bed.
She drives too fast and she looses jewelry.
80's rock, a fire inside, acoustic, across five aprils, adams song, afi, agnostic, air, anadivine, anatomy of a ghost, anti flag, antilove, at the drive in, avenged, bad spelling, bigots, bites nails, blind side, boring, box car racer, boy, boysetsfire, brand new, breakfast club, broken hearts, chains of freedom, cold, concerts, crazy, dangerous, dashboard confessional, dead kennedys, death by stero, death cab for cutie, dork, drama, dwarves, eighteen visions, elliot smith, emo boys, emocore, emohawks, every time i die, fall out boy, family guy, fender, finch, flordia, foo fighters, front, fuel, further seems forever, gators, gin blossoms, glass eater, glassjaw, god forbid, god loves ugly, good riddance, gutter mouth, homies, horror movies, indie, jacksonville, jesse lacey, jewel, jimmy eat world, kids, kittens, kurt cobain, lip rings, mae, marilyn, millencolin, mistake, movielife, navy, nirvana, noise rachet, northstar, osker, our lady peace, peeps, penny wise, play, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, puppies, queers, r.e.m., radiohead, rancid, refused, requiem for a dream, rhett miller, rise aginst, road trips, rock kills kid, ryan adams, senses fail, sevenfold, shadows fall, silverstein, simon and garfunkel, slick shoes, something corperate, strangers with candy, strike anywhere, sublime, sugar cult, sunny day real estate, switchfoot, take action tour, taking back sunday, talks, tattoos, the, the beautiful, the clash, the darkness, the dillenger escape plan, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the misfits, the postal service, the sapranos, the sex pistols, the strokes, the unseen, the wallflowers, thrice, thursady, tom petty, trust company, underoath, yellow card