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i love and hate random people iming me.

~anon~ (12:45:32 AM): u look like you have a naughty streak
~anon~ (12:45:33 AM): lol
~anon~ (12:45:40 AM): am i right
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:45:46 AM): LMAO
~anon~ (12:45:56 AM): ?
~anon~ (12:45:58 AM): am i
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:46:09 AM): er, not exactly, idk
~anon~ (12:46:28 AM): what is the naughtiest think you can think of that you have done
~anon~ (12:46:33 AM): :-)
~anon~ (12:48:05 AM): ?????
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:48:35 AM): i'm actually on the innocent side, tbh
~anon~ (12:48:49 AM): whatever
~anon~ (12:48:58 AM): how personal can i get with the ?s
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:52:15 AM): would cutting off a guy's junk be considered naughty?
~anon~ (12:52:26 AM): lol
~anon~ (12:52:28 AM): no
~anon~ (12:52:31 AM): just mean
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:53:54 AM): the guy was pretty into it
~anon~ (12:54:30 AM): so i take it you are not a virgin
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:56:21 AM): oh, i never said we had sex, i just enjoy injuring guys' manhoods
~anon~ (12:56:32 AM): not cool
~anon~ (12:56:33 AM): lol
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:58:48 AM): so you wouldn't find that hot?
~anon~ (12:59:01 AM): to lose my manhood
~anon~ (12:59:03 AM): NO
dizzzzzymyfuture (12:59:17 AM): aw, that makes me sad

I was so disappointed that this dude did not make the conversation as fun as it could have been.
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princess of death // death note

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LAST CALL FOR FESTIVUS CARDS! If you'd like me to send you one, fill out le poll plz.

Poll #1312648 Festivus Cards


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I need more Facebook friends, man. If you're on there, add Jessica Sayers, okies?
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voicepost meme

I stole this from Jas as it sounded fun and the resulting voiceposts were tear-inducingly lulzy.

Ask me a question, serious, silly, whatever you want, and I shall answer it via voicepost.

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What is wrong with people that they would be so blinded by greed and desire to purchase things that they would trample another person to death? I don't get humans, they fill me with sadness.
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LOOKIT MY NEW LAYOUT! IT IS PRETTY! thefulcrum  IS AWESOME! It has a little funky bit when viewed in IE, but I use Firefox so it makes no difference to me.

On behalf of feet everywhere, I recommend not staying at work ten and a half hours if most of that time is going to be spent standing. x_x

Earlier this evening we had the Wish Tree event. It was kind of fun, but not as busy as last year, which I'm kind of thankful for since it was my first time helping with it. The only not great parts were my coworkers trying to get me to eat something; the skeeze, Khris, showing up, to which Cheryl whispered to me "Stay close to adults," and that kind of made me think Aw, I'm not a little kid :(, but I appreciate her looking out for me; and this man at the end of the night that I felt kind of made fun of my parents, but Melissa told me not to take him seriously because he had been drinking a lot - it still made me feel really bad, though.

Oh my gosh, my dad gets ready like a girl. I had to be there at five, and he did not finish getting ready until 4:50, and it takes at least twenty minutes to get there. I was not a happy camper, I got all drill sergeanty trying to get him to hurry up. I was really glad he and my mom came, though. I thought it would be good for them to see me looking happy and being silly and laughing with others, since I know they worry about me. My mom was like 'You looked so professional up there!' Uh, okay, mummy, if lulzing around is what the proper career people do.

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