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Hello! My name is Yvonne or Hotaru. I am 19, and I live in Minnesota. I go to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this coming fall, and I will probably be majoring in Psychology and minoring in East Asian Studies. I'm mostly Chinese, but apparently part Cambodian. I speak Cantonese Chinese fluently, and am learning Japanese. If you couldn't tell, I'm a huge fan of KAT-TUN... especially Kamenashi Kazuya and Nakamaru Yuichi. KAT-TUN lights up my life.

This journal is for sharing music, videos, and lots of other things. I don't update it with personal info too often, but add me anyways, because I like to read other people's entries.

I have started a Chinese fansub team kbeat_subs! If you're interested in helping me, please contact me, and join that community.

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