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Kristin Nicole Cicchetti

[M aybe when the room is empty, maybe when the bottles full maybe when the door gets broke down love can break in. maybe when I'm done with thinking, maybe you can think me whole maybe when I'm done with endings this can begin.]
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[05 Mar 2010|12:52pm]


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[30 Jul 2007|07:38pm]

[08 Jul 2007|01:34pm]
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yeah yeah yeah.

[06 Jul 2007|03:52pm]

I'm going to be there, I'm going to be pumped as fuck .If I dont see you there you should probably kill yourself,because I hate you.
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Dear Kristin.... [11 Feb 2007|08:41pm]
"So I'll let you know
If you need, somewhere to go
I'll be listening when you call
And I'll be there if you fall off
If you need someone to believe in you,
I'll let you know I will
I'll let you know I will"

Yours truly,
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[04 Jan 2007|09:46am]
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WTF is up with that. [04 Jan 2007|07:02am]

If you are here about your community read this post.

Okay, so I wake up this morning to call Logan to make sure he's up for school and what to my surprise? My journal is deleted. WTF right? I must have done something TOS didnt like so I check my e-mail to figure out how to get my journal back. Umm one problem. There is no e-mail, go figure. So I decide to try and re-activte it. I have to go to FAQ to do this because I dont know how to delete my effing journal, which is why all 891237618 of my old ones are still active. So I go, and activate it. Thank god, LJ must have just screwed up!

NO. So I go to my profile to check on community activity, every community I MOD is deleted. Shit, LJ must have fucked that up too, I go to manage communities, they aren't there. OH YEAH! They're deleted, I'll just go activate them. WRONG, they arent there either. I don't know what kind of shady shit is going on but there are about to be a lot of people mad at me. This is just a heads up, I'm sorry kids. I don't know whats going on yet either, hopefully we can figure it out and get all the journals back, because I doubt all my fellow mods just all decided on the same day to just delete everything.

Oh, and the only communities that weren't deleted were inactive ones, Go figure?

[EDIT] I was hacked, by that dumb broad who thinks I like her bf.

Go to h8_transformers and tell her how you feel.

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[18 Oct 2006|11:53pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Well hello there childres. This is geezjames. i lack undergarments. I will be posting Kristen's journal thing today. Well i'ld like to start off by saying that i enjoy playing racket ball. Sometimes i eat itialian ice! hehe yea well today kristin is having the best day of her life because i am here. thats a really cool thing eh? yea. hahahah oh golly. well im wearing her pants right now and a belt that belongs to kristin. i am 16 years old. i smoke marijauna alot and stuff. Kristin is in the shower. Concerned about French intentions, President Thomas Jefferson had already sent James Monroe and Robert R. Livingston to Paris to negotiate the purchase of a tract of land on the lower Mississippi or, at least, a guarantee of free navigation on the river. Surprised and delighted by the French offer of the whole territory, they immediately negotiated the treaty.

Later days!!

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[03 Mar 2006|01:58pm]
Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you are an individual.

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you are an intellectual.

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you are attractive.

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you know anything about music.

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you know how to apply make up

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) does not mean you are cooler than anyone else

Just because you look like thisCollapse ) means you are a tool of the system.
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This is the highlight of my day.... [02 Mar 2006|02:00pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hello world of Livejournal. This is not Kristin Nicole Cicchetti, this is just some silly boy who hacked her journal. But there are some things I have to tell you about this girl.

I know this is probably the lamest thing you guys (Kristin's el jay friends) will ever read. But I love this girl, it's kind of crazy, because even I don't understand it sometimes. For those of you who don't know Kristin personally, you should probably get to know her, because she is the one person who can brighten the worst day you've ever had and somehow put a smile on your face, even if your puppy just got ate by a lion. This is not an invitation to all you stupid tight pants wearing faggy scene boys to try and shout a holler at her, because she needs a nice boy (and although she denies it) and a boy that can make her feel the same way she made me feel, which is incredible.

Well I just wanted to hack this girl's journal to tell everyone that Kristin Nicole Cicchetti is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met, inside and out. And if you are ever lucky enough to spend time with her, never take any moment of it for granted, because this girl is amazingly special.

The human crying machine.

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[01 Mar 2006|07:20pm]

A better fan site

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