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0259 [January 13, 2007 @ 1:55pm]
okay, so i finally got the layout thing on the journal i made like a bazillion years ago to work. yay!

so add my new lj.


add it.
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0207 PUBLIC! [August 30, 2006 @ 8:06pm]
i have to admit this was one of the best summers i can ever remember. i learned alot. and i think i grew up a bit. not quite sure about that one yet. but i'm glad that everything played out the way it did. no regrets.

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0166 [May 03, 2006 @ 5:50pm]
would you notice if i left? would you think our friendship was worth it? would you try to find me? call me? cry when if you found out i wasn't coming back? tell me, would you regret anything? would you wonder what would have happened? would you wish you could take back everything bad you ever said/thought about me? explain to me why i hear that you speak badly of me & then tell me you love me. tell me that you don't lie to me. that you are as truthful with me as i am with you. would you chase after me if i walked away & i didn't look back? would you yell out me name & beg for me to come back? would you ask yourself if you did anything wrong? would you re-examine every moment you could remember you had with me? would you go over our long conversations & wonder what i was hiding?

i've been trying so hard to keep things from you. but i can't because i feel like you deserve to know. i want you to know whats going on in my life. i want you to know why i'm crying or why i'm bitching. i don't want you to feel like your not part of my life. but this is exactly what you do to me. you cut me out because your afraid of what i'll say or who i'll tell. but i won't say anything. i won't tell anyone because i know its your business & your telling me because you trust me. you want me to know what your thinking & whats going on in your life.
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0119 [February 10, 2006 @ 4:40pm]
will you be my valentine?
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0109 [January 19, 2006 @ 2:49pm]
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0008 [September 04, 2005 @ 9:16am]

please remove me from your friends list immediately.
thank you.
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[June 08, 2005 @ 6:16pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

++Add me first.
++Then Comment and I'll add you back.
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