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Stephanie's life documented with pictures and love. ♥ [entries|friends|calendar]

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[July 30th, 2005
@ 6:42pm
Picture yourself in a nightmarish scene of such grotesque complexity that you'd kill to be dreaming. Your bodys been dying, while your mind has been trying to make you picture a life where you'd kill for your lover and a song in your head. The deaths of countless others simply set up the lyrics for your symphony. That's where you'll find me. Now, place your ear to my lips. Trace these notes with your fingertips. They dance alone on my last breath.
This is the end.
This is death.

[July 30th, 2005
@ 1:54am
On some nights you'll find me falling. I am formless. I am shapeless. On some nights I am better off left alone. You take it all in from severed state of stasis. You scream "WAKE UP!!!" inside your own body, but you're buried...or suffocating...or worse. Tonight it's worse.
Tonight the screaming hurts.
Tonight i'm wrapped up in him.

[July 15th, 2005
@ 9:35pm
As he's dying in his dreams
I hope you're choking in your sleep
Try and breathe
Justice push this pillow
Try and breathe
Try and breathe

[July 7th, 2005
@ 11:52am


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