Let him wonder if I lie

let him half believe me

t h r e n o d y ][ i c o n s
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This is the icon journal of luckycharm_13.

I'll make icons of anything that strikes my interest including, but not limited to, the interests I have listed below.

I am currently taking requests.

All icon posts will be archived in my memories. They will also be tagged.

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.Comment.Even if you're not taking any, I'd love to hear suggestions/comments/criticism
.If you do take any, please tell me which one(s)
.Credit '___threnody' in your keywords. Don't know how? Read this tutorial, and if you still have questions I'm happy to help.
.Do not claim these icons as your own
.Do not hotlink. Save to your computer or upload to a free server such as PhotoBucket
.Do not edit my icons. Ask me; I'll be more than happy to do it for you
.Yes, please do nominate me! You can hotlink for this purpose only, but please let me know what you're nominating and where :)

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All icons are made in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8.

Resources listed here

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Click here to the see awards I've won.

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