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count the headlights on the highway

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All I have to say is ajgfbkhyjhfnjkshfdgkjhaksjldhkafghjjklasgfkhjalskjfhggsfjkjnlkahjfgvkahslfkghdfjhljagfhhkjshfkagjfghlsahgfjgakdgjhgfkjaghdkjgfkjgakjgakjgkjagdkjagfjagsdjgdjdgjdgjka;

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so what so I've got a smile on [February 28 2007]

I said I would update later with pictures but I don't feel like it right now. I might still though. 
Today was good all in all. Of course I'm behind in everything because I missed two days of school & because I did no homework over break but I don't even care anymore. There were just so many amusing things like discussions of senior trip & Katie's "this is what your butt looks like in a one-piece" diagrams & my favorite quote from forensics class "I'm just typing dirty words and laughing at them."
Then there's that fact that we don't have school friday (which I just found out last night) & that makes a 2-day week for me. Tres tres tres bien.

I've been thinking & I realized that I really want to work on a cruise ship. Not forever, obviously, just for like a summer or something. It would be fun I can tell, plus you'd be able to save all the money you made and you'd get to see places you've never seen before. I really think I'd like it but there are no Americans who work on cruise ships. I don't know if it's because Americans think it's beneath us, but it's more like that cruise lines won't hire Americans because if they did they'd just get together & start a damn cruise ship workers union. Maybe it's a combination of both. Either way I hate unions. While they might have served a purpose in the past they just ruin everything now. 

P.S. While I was gone my mom re-did my bathroom in pink, white, and black and it's so cute the only awkward thing is my mom put this framed black & white picture of me, Victoria Cavaliere, and Jamin that was taken a long time ago on my wall. I wonder what Jamin would think if he knew his picture was on the wall of some girls's bathroom.

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Coronation [January 12 2007]
Coronation is wierd. I feel like it's only for the parents. But everyone looked gorgeous.

After the brunch I went to Starbucks with Emily, Denise, & Scott. It was cute.
Late Emily & I went to Birmingham to see the Pursuit of Happyness but first we stopped at Le Petit Prince. 
Joey & Matt were also in Birmingham & there was an original awkward confrontation but then we kept seeing them which was fine because I love Joey.
The Pursuit of Happyness was good but sooo sad up until the end.
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