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its love. [entries|friends|calendar]
live it up.


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[ mood | anxious ]

wow its been a long time since ive seen this thing. ive missed you livejournal.

much has changed since ive last updated. i have the most wonderful boyfriend i could ask for and i love him so much. rachel and billy are doing great and im so happy for them, i love them mucho. nothing makes me happier then seeing my best friend happy. i must say, lately rachel and i have been like pb&j. its about time we got back to the way we were!! ok so basically i went from hating life to loving it and its all because of three very special people, oh and CHRIS from myspace i cant forget him he always brightens up my day.

so im really excited for tomorrow! i get to go to blizzard beach! ive never been there so im really excited to finally see why everyone loves it so much. well its going to be an early morning so im off to bed.

gnite lj world.<33

close eyes ... open mouth ... no words are escaping [Jan0106]
[ mood | depressed and broken hearted ]

umm lets see i last updated about my boyfriend james but i guess you can say that was all shot to hell and he broke my heart ... according to him i wasnt even his girlfriend "we were just talking for a short period of time" well yea sweet right. he def. broke my heart. im so sick of thinking somethings gonna work and it doesnt. after james i started hanging out with someone and we got really close i considered it a relationship since he liked me and i liked him but i knew it wasnt going to be anything more then a hookup situation on his part so i didnt let myself get to close. im glad i didnt beacause he moved the other day and i probally wont ever see him again. i miss him, a lot actually.
so i guess you can say im broken hearted
lost someone that im really close to
and everythings just going shitty lately

saturday im going on a road trip with rachel to orlando to meet up with my cousin and shit so hopefully itll get my mind off everything thats bothering me. i really need some cheering up lately


who cares. [Dec1205]
so today pretty much was one of the worst days ever
everything that was plan went wrong :(

im so ahh@!! right now

so yeah [Dec1205]
i guess you can say i have a boyfriend
and hes amazing :D


mmhmm fried chicken and koolaid bitch. [Oct1005]
[ mood | curious ]

so um yeah i dyed my hair
i am no longer a redhead anymore
no more incredired for me but fuck that
i am incredired fo lyfe bitch.
but umm yea until i get a pic, for you guys who saw it
whatcha think?
good change bad change??
let me know nigga


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