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drivin` down the 101

california here we come ♥

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about me/this journal ♥

welcome to my lj. my name is rachel and i`m from this smaaaaalll town ic CT
called Wallingford. I would do ANYTHING just to get away from this town and
start over...i`m 14 (15 in july)and i got to DHMS (Dag)and high school(LHHS)
in the fall.
likes ♥

i love to shop,go to the mall,and goto the movies with friends(SCARY MOVIES!!)
lol..i love to make graphix, run, talk on the phone, IM,watch tv (especially
the OC and Supernanny! haha supernanny is funny...brits are awesome (= ilove
going to dances, parties, and just having a good time. i like rap/hip-hop/r&b
...artists like usher, ashanti, terror squad, mariah carey....amd i also like
the killers, Green Day, and Oasis...i`m not that specific in my music, i pretty
much like everything except country, classical, jazz and POLKA. eww..lol
hates &hearts

posers, backstabbers, bugs, golf, clams, MEATLOAF,mean/stupid/ignorant people,
liars, bitches, and people that talk shit and don`t back it up...that`s bad.
credits ♥

Layout by: _____exoh @ juicylayouts
MAJOR CREDITS GO OUT TO emmysdream. i ♥ the mood theme and the tutorial. thanks!
communities ♥

since this is my personal journal, i only put up communities that i go to and
enjoy...in other words, the best are here. ♥