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drivin` down the 101 [entries|friends|calendar]

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November 22nd, 2005 at 11:10am]
verything gets really infected until you feel like you have to amputate *^$&*^#*@&*!!!!!!!!1
i just had like the worst day.
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November 14th, 2005 at 12:02pm]
god i haven't written in forever....&& i mean that...
but. main updates. my computer broke down, i am going to homecoming this friday with a guy named lee from a high school across town...he is a freshman like me....hes an offensive FOOTBALL PLAYER. plus he's really nice and has a great personality and all that. i met him at my friend Cayla's party...very romantic. and sice i love dances i have to say something about my dress and shpes which i just got yesterday wOOOOOO. The dress is dark brown w/ kind of a v neck with a little ruching....it has an asymetrical bottom and the straps are a little darker ve;vet w/sequins. THE SHOES OMG THE SHOES they are dark brown sort of boho sequined/beaded, they are mules with a three inch heel lol....ill probably have some trouble dancing.yea so much more to say but not enough time....i love the new layout and now ill go comment some of you because i havent done that in like a year...no more like 6 months ♥

LOCKED. [Saturday
June 4th, 2005 at 7:45pm]
[mood| Bitchy]

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[!!] from now on this journal is locked, although i will be posting promotions and stuff occasionally.
[!!] this is MY journal. Don`t start shit..it`s really annoying. save the drama for your mama.
[!!] respect my friends...their on my friends list for a reason.
[!!] just comment to be added. i don`t bite. ++ i`ll probably add you back.
[!!] to me, it doesn't madder what order i get added...just as long as i get added if you say you're gonna....

that's about it. ILU ♥
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