May 1st, 2005

We Dont have much room, to live. (PICTURE POST)

I've had a great weekend. I haven't had one this good in such a long time.
I'm actually pretty happy. I haven't been truly happy in a while. It's a great feeling. I'm just so excited about life.

So I'm lazy and I feel like dashing everything.

-Went to the mall with Andy,Linda,and Anna.
-Found out Linda has a huge sunglass fetish like me.
-Gave everyone peace signs
-Found out Asians really like the peace sign
-Stephen and Chris ate dinner with us at the mall
-Danced to the Spice Girls on the way home in the car.
-Went to Taco Bell with my sister
-Went tanning
-Cam Whored
-Lori came over
-Went to DQ
-Went to Hayworth Park and had a lil BBQ
-Jorge and Chris stripped for Andy,Lori,Linda,and I.
-Got in trouble the the park people
-Went to Burger King
-Came home
-Here I am

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