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love love love

rhymes with pity now

rhymes with pity now
18 January
I'm not using this anymore! I got a new journal.
acceptance, afi, anberlin, anti-flag, at the drive-in, barking, bikes, biting, black eyeliner, blindside, blink 182, bracelets, cake, chains, cheeseburgers, chips, chocolate pie, cky, concerts, converse, cuddling, davey havok, deryck whibley, dickies, driving, drums, duct tape, eating, edward scissorhands, emo, eyeliner, fire, fishnets, flowers, food, fuse, gloves, glue sticks, guitars, gum, hand cuffs, hawaii, hearts, herbal essences shampoo, hidden in plainview, hobo gloves, jade puget, jello, johnny whitney, jones soda, journals, jumping, kissing, knives, kung pow, laughing, le tigre, licking, lighters, lollipops, love, margaritas, marysville, mascara, me, mindless self indulgence, mirrors, modest mouse, motion city soundtrack, muffins, muse, music, my chemical romance, myspace, nail polish, ninjas, open spaces, optical illusions, otter pops, peaches, permanent markers, pictures, pie, pink and black, pink tarantulas, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, plaid, pogo sticks, polka dots, pouty lips, prowling, pudding, punk, pyramid belts, rancid, red and black, red lipstick, richard simmons, rock, rocking out, roses, rubber bands, rush, safety pins, saosin, seattle, sexiness, skittles, sleeping, sneaking, snow, soda, spongebob, stars, strawberries, strawberry otter pops, stripes, stud muffins, sum 41, sun, taking back sunday, tape, the blood brothers, the clash, the early november, the fall of troy, the killers, the mars volta, the misfits, the ramones, the starting line, the used, thunder storms, tom green, umbrellas, whipped cream, you,