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Come down, and waste away with me.

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I am like a twenty dollar bill. Changing hands when food is bought or tanks are filled. Move through others' lives so easily. I am like a twenty dollar bill.

&&&, ???, blasting-music-in-my-car, cap'n jazz, crying-on-someone's-shoulder, death cab for cutie, driving-around-with-nowhere-to-go, far, fighting jacks, flogging molly, fugazi, good riddance, gratitude, guitar, hearing-someone-sigh-on-the-phone, hugs&allthatjazz, insanity, jonah, late-night-intense-conversations, long-hugs, modest mouse, music, new end original, occidental, onelinedrawing, pink floyd, pretty girls make graves, radiohead, rilo kiley, rocking-out-when-nobody's-looking, singing-along-to-your-favorite-song, stalking you, the clash, the cure, the fire theft, the get up kids, the lawrence arms, the misfits, the nerve agents, the new pornographers, the park bench rant, the pixies, the postal service, the smiths, thursday, tiger army, tsunami bomb, xiu xiu