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12 November 1985
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Who knows how many times I have done Weight Watchers at this point... Four? Five? Sigh.

I am hoping this time will be different. My life has changed drastically in the past year--I abandoned my pursuit of a PhD in Art History and began Law School and I finally broke myself off from what some might have called an emotionally abusive 5 year relationship. Though we did have our good times, it was an extremely tumulutous saga of a relationship that had run its course.

Now, I am happier than I have ever been, albeit extremely busy. I am more social than I have been since high school. I have a new boyfriend who treats me well and gives me butterflies in my stomach. I have finally found a healthy mental state after years of feeling like something was wrong with my mind.

I turn 25 on November 12, 2010. I am a quarter century old and I want to end the cycle of yo-yo weight loss. I am ready.

My short term goal: My 10%

Medium Goal: My good friend's wedding, for which I am a bridesmaid. I hope to lose 35 pounds by then, which is June 11, 2011.

Ultimate Goal: Reach 135 lbs. Of all my times doing Weight Watchers, I have never made goal. Ever. I was within 10-15 pounds of it once, but this time... Well, this time will be different. It has to be.