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i'm a spitfire in the bedroom.

i'm a spitfire in the bedroom.

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the zenmaster ♥
18 July 1984
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" i laugh in the face of danger, then i hide until it goes away. "

xander knows the deal.

anyways, i'm liz. i'm 22. i'm around 5'3, skinny, brown hair, brown eyes, pale. i like singing, playing video games, s3x0r, sleeping, movies, shopping, etc.

i love Damien. ♥ ♥
kissing is love
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holla at me :)

"& they be linin' down the block
just to watch what i got."
"my sharona", a clockwork orange, aa, animaniacs, axe bodyspray, bejeweled, bikini kill, billie holiday, biting, black&white, brita water, buffy the vampire slayer, candy, captain jack sparrow, carol of the bells, castlevania, cell phones, cereal, cherry anything, clever comebacks, clueless, collages, coloring books, contentment, contrast, converse all-stars, corpse bride, cotton candy bodyspray, counting crows, cruel intentions, cuddling, curious by britney spears, damien harper!, dark cloud 2, depeche mode, diablo 2, dropping the occasional beat, dvds, ebay, eminem, ending sentences with "...bitch!", english classes, excitement, fedoras, fergie, ff with bish, fight club, final fantasy, flat-screens, foo fighters, foreplay, francesca lia block, getting it all out, hamlet, hey ya!, hipbones, hole, hour long gamestop visits, indyjones&thefateofatlantis, inside jokes, instant gratification, japanese, jessica rabbit, jessica simpson cosmetics, johnny depp, kingdom hearts, kissing, kitties!!, knuckle-cracking, labyrinth, lacuna coil, late night/early morning, laughing, les miserables, leveling up, lip-biting, lipgloss, literature, love, love spell body spray, lowercase letters, lyrics, madonna, making people blush, mallrats, mariah carey christmas, marilyn manson (shhh!), marlboro mediums, massages, minimalism, mirrors, morrissey/the smiths, moz, mutual feelings, new hair, nietzsche, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, not having to explain, nothing to do, old pearl jam, oral sex, pac man, parliaments, passion, peepee, people-watching, photography, picking scabs, pirates of the carribean, playgrounds, project too hot, radiohead, random-ness, red/pink nailpolish, requiem for a dream, rocky horror, romeo & juliet, s3x0r, sarcasm, scratching itches!, sephiroth, shakin' booty, singing for the taste, slipper socks, smee, snapple, snes roms, soul calibur ii, spongebob squarepants, staying in bed, strong bad, the highwayman, the little mermaid, the occasional good cry, train rides, triple triad, unconditional love, underwear, video games, watermellon/cherry trix yogurt, wedding dresses, wit, word attack!, writing, xander, xtina aguilera, yoshi's island, zero guilt

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