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___shesinfinite's Journal

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hot july ain't good to me

sometimes, nights get lonely when you lead a life like mine. a life filled with thoughts and ideas too absurd to be understood by any other mind it seems. things have come and gone too many times in my life to keep count. but i am thankful for every single one of those occurrances, for they have shaped me into the human being i am today. people always tell me it's a dangerous thing to wear my heart on my sleeve but, so far it's been okay. i know what i am passionate about in my life, and i hold those things and people in the highest regard imaginable. i love my mother, she is my backbone, and without her i wouldn't have made it through some of my most vulnerable moments in the past few months. i have life altering friendships that keep my greyest days from turning black. music, i believe, is the only thing that can make sense out of anything anymore. i even make some in my dreams. i like to dance, not professional or anything but, i move my body around my living room and create something real out of the sounds my speakers produce. it's my personal form of therapy. people tell me i'm a good person but, i know that i've made some really big mistakes in my life. i've recovered from them all gracefully though, and i think i'm a better person for overcoming those obstacles; it definitely wasn't easy. i just hope those that see the good in me are right. i hope i'm doing my part in changing the world on person at a time.

i just hope i'm a good person.

i'm pink and black and blue for you.

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