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This is it.

I got my key to the apartment yesterday. I cried. Ha. I was napping after work and Calvin woke me up and dangled the key in front of me and kissed me a lot and was like, "now you have a key to OUR apartment, babe."

I melted into a puddle and exploded. Bahahaha.

I'm packing my shit today. It's going to be really weird to be in Hanover. Especially to move out of it. Baha.

But, I deserve this. I deserve this life, this amazing life. I have so many people around me that love me no matter what. And I think NOT living with them would be the stupid move.

Everyone's been so supportive about my family's shittyness. Bahaha.

I still can't believe my dipshit brother, his kids, and wife are moving into my mom's. Which is what's forcing me out. But. Seriously? Fuck that guy, actually all of them, for rushing me.

That kind of decision requires being super ready, and I am so god damn lucky these people have been waiting for me to move in for like, forever.

Whatever. I'm really terrified. Mostly because I know this means I really am growing up, and that the rest of my life is happening.

I can do this. I was meant to.
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