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your words are deadly weapons

scatter my b r a i n s across the wall

7 August
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"maybe music is dead, and maybe we just forgot what it sounded like." i'm audrey, and i think i'm cool. i have a larger emotion range than most people my age do. i paint, and draw, and design. i live off of sushi and nestea. ^_^
alice in wonderland, anagrams, astronomy, autumn, ayumi hamasaki, bananas in pyjamas, bare feet, beetlejuice, betty boop, birthdays, blacklights, blizzards, breeze, cakes, canada, candles, candy, cats, cemeteries, chocolate, christmas, christmas eve, cinnamon, coffee, coheed and cambria, corsets, costumes, crayons, creativity, cupcakes, dawn, december, defeat tasted nothing, disney, donnie darko, drawing, dreams, dusk, dyed hair, eating, edward scissorhands, eisley, email, eyeliner, fantasy, fishnets, fog, food, fortune cookies, from first to last, frost, games, ghosts, glam, glow sticks, glowsticks, gravestones, green, greyscale, hair, hair dye, halloween, halloween costumes, hamsters, haunted houses, hawthorne heights, hearts, hot chocolate, i spy books, ice, jack o' lanterns, jack off jill, japan, japanese food, japanese pop music, japanese things, jpop, kittens, lace, lollipops, makeup, marilyn monroe, memories, midnight, moonlight, motion city soundtrack, msn, music boxes, namie amuro, natalie dee, nature, nestea, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, norma jean, november, october, painting, paranormal, photographs, photography, pictures, pierced ears, pink, placebo, polka dots, pumpkin carving, pumpkins, rain, rainbow brite, rainbows, rick mercer, riff randells, road trips, rocky horror picture show, sailor moon, salad fingers, short films, silver nail polish, snow, snowflakes, socks, spiders, spiderwebs, stars, stockings, strawberry shortcake, sunglasses, sunrise, sunset, sushi, tea, the little mermaid, the nightmare before christmas, the riff randells, tim burton, toothpaste for dinner, travelling, turtles, twilight, unnatural hair colours, vanilla, winter, writing