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arinosaurus rex

gwama mama
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, acid jazz, adderol, adonai echad, adult swim, african beats, altered states, animal collective, arinisms, basquiat, belly dancing, bestsmileive evertasted, black and white photography, blood, boards of canada, breakdancing, carl jung, celebration, cells and lifeforms, chocolate city's finest, cinematography, constructive criticism, contrasts, conversation, creepshow, crystals, culture shock, cytology, dancing like crazy, dierobotscumgirl, don'tyouwonder why, dr. so-and-so, dreadlocks, drum circles, elohim, empathy, erroneous, feet, festivals, film making, flipmo/squad, genuine gratitude, getting lost, gigglefacedreamcream, god-shaped holes, graffiti, haiku, harassing people, hebrew, honestlyish, hugging with words, hunter s. thompson, i and i, industrial, ink and dagger, involvement with you, juxtapoz the magazine, kabbalah, kissing with thought, knowingness, kraftwerk, kurt vonnegut, laboratory work, large cities, legowelt, loving new things, magnetism between people, metal sculptures, metaphysical meditation, microbiology, mingeling, ministry, mixed media, moments of clarity, monkey shines, mothership connection, moving units, mycology, mystical judaism, notes from theflip/side, old buildings, openness, optimism, orchid!, pdr, pee wee herman, pheramones, philosophy, phlebotomy, photography, photoshop, projectorhead, raggae, ralph steadman, rastafari, recycled phrases, reflexology, respiration and rhythm, rhythm of life, rocky horror, scars, scratching, screeeeaming, sefirot, shekina, silent films, sincere laughter, singing, skulls, slam poetry, sonic youth, spazz, spirituality, spray paint, stillness and movement, studying humans, sushi, synchronicity, synthesizers, talking, taoism, the creation of moment, the fish family, the passing stranger, the photographs, the right words, the roots, themanintheliquorstoreiswearingnoshoes, thesaurus, thrift stores, toothpaste for dinner, touching, traveling to new places, triple-meaning-sandwich, turntablism, urban decay, urban graffiti, video games, vintage erotica, warm feet, watching the world change, when we giggle, william s. burroughs, wouldntyouliketoknow, wu tang clan, xmen the x-ecutioners, yhvh, yourestandingrightinsideofit, zohar, zombies with decayingfleshattackingme