today i saw Superbad with my mom.
it was really funny.
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then my sister came over for dinner.
we ordered GOOD sushi and then played Monopoly, she won.
but i still love that game.

it was a good day.

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    The Thermals

here's your future.

the thermals were just featured at the end of tonights WEEDS episode.
and that made me so happy.
its too fucking hot to think or function.
my room is a fucking boiler.

"We become who we are through an intricate wrap and weft of inherhitance and experience too tightly interwoven ever to come unbound. If you could follow any one thread, unweave the patterns, where would it lead you?"
--Caroline Kettlewell

its from the book im reading and that quote is amazing.
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    The Thermals

on another note...

im up early again.
and everybody is still asleep.
and the hours between when i wake up,
and when you guys wake up,
makes me fucking insane.
i wish i could sleep innnnn!!!
then i wouldnt have these spare hours of boredom and insanity.

seriously, sometimes i think my brain is gonna pop out of my head.
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Mother's Day,

and the livin' aint easy...
this is such an obligatory holiday.
but this year it isn't as painful for me as the past have been,
probably because i no longer live at home.
i just made my mom a mixed cd,
and a cd of pictures she's been wanting.
she'll be happy.
we're gonna go out to dinner, indian food.
yummy. i'm already hungry.
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my hands are all tingly from cleaning products.

i'm seeing an old friend in an hour or so.
i'm excited.
i havn't seen her since high school.
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Dearest 19,

i know your name sounds like an ugly word.
and you're an uneven number.
and you're the "forgotton" age.
but, i'll try to great with you with an open mind, and a fresh start.
please, be good to me.
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i just spent about the last hour looking through old posts in my old journal.
um, wow.

there are no words.
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