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new lj add it! [03 Jan 2005|10:05pm]







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[03 Jan 2005|09:08pm]
im sick of being everyone friend at their convienience. im sick of being made fun of, even if its all in fun. im sick of not having a best friend. im sick of people competing with me. im sick of having to compete with other people. im sick of not having a boyfriend. im sick of rejection. im sick of fake people. im sick of being fake myself. im sick of people who try too hard. im sick of attention whores..
i guess.. im just.. fucking sick..
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[03 Jan 2005|04:12pm]
i got home yesterday around two am.
tonight im going to emilys mom's suprise birthday party at seven.. at ruby tuesdays in palm city.
be there.. or be square. hah!

i got swiched to the freaking patch lol. it kinda sucks having a piece of paper attached to your body for thee weeks at a time.
damn females.
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[01 Jan 2005|11:57am]
last night was fun.
we attempted to bleach the whole top of my head
and then i decided five minuites later that i didnt want to.
so i washed it out reeeeally fast.
and uhm elizabeth dyed her hair brown and blonde.. or ... blonde.. and brown? yeah.
well i hope everyone had fun at their various parties last night.
i tried to call emily and noel and stuff but my phone went retarted and started roaming after i talked to joel.
so uhhhhm yeah =) ill be home tomorrow at 11:30.
school monday.
i dont know if im going though.
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im gunna miss you 2004!!! [30 Dec 2004|06:20pm]

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! almost.

a stroll down memory laneCollapse )

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christmas pictures. [29 Dec 2004|04:55pm]

the boy.

+4Collapse )

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my luggage came today!! [29 Dec 2004|11:22am]
is it bad that i get this jealous?
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[28 Dec 2004|05:06pm]
i bought napoleon dynomite today <333
shane came over yesterday.

and uhm elizabeth you should come here for new years hah.
ooh! yeah!! please?! hah.
well things are getting better<33
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[27 Dec 2004|04:51pm]
shane might be coming here tonight.
possibly staying the night.

im excited.
except he said he'd call me back uhm like an hour ago.

and and and
my luggage is in buffalo. so i SHOULD get it tomorrow.
thank god.

i went to the mall today and bought the cursive cd.
and then it was stolen while i was trying on clothes in american eagle.

i was so pissed off.
so i told my dadddd and he said he'd give me money to go buy another.. because it wasnt my fault the other one was stolen by some cow humping hick that probly had never heard of the band in the first place.
so i went back, and they were gone.

so =/
but at wegmans i saw this...
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fuck. [26 Dec 2004|04:22pm]
my stepdad said he was in love with someone else today.
he was just waiting until after christmas to tell my mom.

hes out looking for an apartment
while my mom sits home and tries to explain to my nine year old brother.

and while i sit here and think im having a bad night 19 hours away.
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[25 Dec 2004|07:16pm]
merry christmas everyone

and thanks for calling me robert, it make me happy.

anyone else.. who called and didnt leave a message. sorry but my phone has no service at my grammas house. and ive been there since uhm. ten. =)
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details of my flight. [24 Dec 2004|05:36pm]
so i finally got here.. after leaving at 4:00 pm thursday. i finally got into buffalo at 10 am friday.
got to the wpb airport and my flight was delayed an hour.
didnt think anything of it.
got to detroit.. went reeally fast over to the section where my gate was supposed to be.
(my plane didnt have a set gate. they just told me it would be in section c.)
asked around where the flight to erie was.
was told to go to c-21. walked all the way there to figure out that c-21 was the 5:30 flight to erie.. and i was on the 9 :30 flight (the 5:30 flight was still in line.. and it was ten)
so i was like.. oh .. fuck.
so i called my mom. got screamed at. probly looked crazy because im in the middle of the detroit air port screaming at my mom.
uhm then someone told me that my flight was delayed until further notice.
so i waited.. and waited.. by myself..
finally at 1am they said it was cancelled.
waited in this line of i swear 3,000 people.. it stretched the whole lobby of the airport.
found out there was no way i could get home to buffalo before 5 pm on friday. but i could get home (ft lauderdale) at 9 am. so i was trying to book that and then my mom said book the 5pm one. and then yeah. i didnt want to wait until 5 pm.
so i went and waited in another line.. for three hours.. and this lady told me there was a flight at 7:05. so i booked it. and bought a coloring book. and colored until 7.. and people watched.
but it wasnt much fun after all of the pretty people left.
i swear this guy across from me was adam lazarra. he looked identical.

survey thing stolen from eddie sensory!Collapse )
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[23 Dec 2004|10:54am]
im leaving on a jet plane.


my dads computer is really slow so i cant get on aim there.
but ill be on livejournal and myspace as always.
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[23 Dec 2004|12:35am]
does anyone want to watch the sun rise with me tomorrow and possibly go get breakfast?

im just in one of those kinds of moods.

maybe my mom would like to..
im sure none of you would.. =/
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[22 Dec 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

last day here = sitting home alone doing absolutly nothing.

this is pretty depressing actually.
oh well i guess it gives me more time to play with my ipod and my new clothes <3

i still love you emily.. and your mom =)

if anyone possibly wants to hang out before 3 tomorrow.. holler.
im leaving at 230 300.

i had a nice talk with marisa. it made me think a lot.
but i still cant help it. its way to hard.


i really just want a cuddle buddy.

edit 2
hillary 4reeul: so my ipod headphones hurt my earing. =(
Yawfle1964: awww thats semi-funny
hillary 4reeul: is not
Yawfle1964: for the love of music
hillary 4reeul: lol i havent even loaded music into it yet
hillary 4reeul: its just being my friend
Yawfle1964: what are you doing
Yawfle1964: aww getting to know it
hillary 4reeul: lol
Yawfle1964: thats nice

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i feel so common. and.. not special. [22 Dec 2004|01:31pm]

joseCollapse ) i miss the way things used to be. when someone actually cared about me. when i had someone to talk to about my deepest darkest secrets.. and that person wouldnt just laugh at me and blow it off. i miss when i felt special. and those times when i was bored. there was always someone who would come visit me, or someone who would take me out or somthing. maybe im just paranoid. but lately i've gotten that feeling where i think everyone is better than me. i know im not that great. but i wish i had someone to tell me they think i am special. now im just... lonely.

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[21 Dec 2004|09:45pm]
to erika :
please stop commenting anonymously to my journal.
get a life love. i dont bother you. so stop trying to piss me off. its not cute.

i got my conch pierced today.
and sorry jose. my mommeh took my camera because shes a whore. <3

tomorrow = christmas shopping, robert, and christmas!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyy hillary gets her presents! <3
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2nd update today!!! [20 Dec 2004|07:16pm]
haha i love being me. seriously.

except i kinda dont like this . un stability
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[20 Dec 2004|04:49pm]
it was really cold today.
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Wenn Sie sind, mag irgendetwas in meinen Träumen, müssen Sie perfekt sein [19 Dec 2004|07:15pm]
its cool when people update their livejournals about me.
im really starting to love people from school right now.

but i really do love emily and carmen.

im getting my conch pierced on tuesday. if anyone wants to come along... give me a holler..
(everyone and their mom just im'd me asking me what that was so there. thats a conch.)
today just sucked.

ps. pa in three days.
im kind of excited.

things arent really exactly going the way i want here.

but i did have a good dream last night =/

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