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14 November
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It's time to BOOM, BOOM with the bridesmaides Image hosted by TinyPic.com Madison ; 14 ; Cincinnati, Ohio Mod Of ; __hardcorexlove Mod Of ; xknock_me_up Mod Of ; _______supugly Money is power. Sex is power. Therefore, getting money for sex is simply an exchange of power.

my name is MADISON, but only to special people; if your not special I'm MADI. I'm VERY immature, but I like to have FUN. I have the MATURITY level of a ten year old. I HATE when people can't spell, except for HARD words. my favorite colors are GREEN,GREY, & BROWN. I have an OBSESSION with Sex and the City, Stifler, and American Pie. my biggest DREAM in life is to be like SAMANTHA from Sex and the City. I'm going to MOUNT NOTRE DAME next year for highschool. I hate people that don't use PROPER English. But sometimes I pretend to be GHETTO, because it's funny. and SOMETIMES I talk like a grit. I love ATTENTION, call me an attenion WHORE, I don't CARE. I KNOW I'm cute, so you DON'T have to tell ME. my BEST friend is SAMMIE and I LOVE her very MUCH. we're best friends FOREVER. I live in Cincinnati, OHIO. I have so much FUN here. it has good FOOD! I HATE mouths with a passion, I hate when people CHEW, and I hate when people make that NOISE when they talk. I like to DANCE around in my UNDERWEAR with the music BLARING. I love to RECIEVE letters and emails. I love Foleys <3. I HATE Linkin Park. and it bothers me greatly when people wear WHITE pants. I'm TERRIFIED of throw up. I'm known as a WHORE. the whore of SAINT URSULA VILLA. I want to have your BABIES. that REMINDS me of a big secert of mine. I love SHOPPING, and when people shop for me. I LOVE taking pictures AND having pictures taken of me. EXCEPT when I look like shit. my FAVORITE animal is an elephant, buy me one. my birthday is November 14th. yes, I do a lot of STUPID shit. especially with SAMMIE. I'm keeping too many SECERTS that I am about to BURST! I tried to go on a DIET, but I FAILED. I tell JAMIE almost everything.I can PRETTY much tellanyone my LIFE story. I am very OUTGOING. I drink COKE a lot and i LOVE to PARTY. I get drunk a LOT. I've had SEX and I liked it. I smoke POT and i'm proud. I love spending the NIGHT at guys houses. guys are DICKS but I have MORE guy friends THAN girl friends. I'm a slut. I'm a whore. I'm a CUNT. I'm a poser. I'm two-faced. I'm a CAMERA whore & I post so many PICTURES. I love PINK lemonade. almost as much as I love FRANKLIN gaw. we've been FRIENDS since fourth grade. I LOVE music. I don't have a FAVORITE kind, so don't ask. but I love the song SEX bomb. I also love SINGING/screaming to really loud, really fast songs. I'm HYPER as fuck. I'm REALLY stupid. and extremely RUDE. & I talk SO much shit. soo, add me if you wish.



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OMG THE LIFE; i smoke weed, get over it.
OMG THE CREDIT!; Thank igniite for my info layout

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