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cute place :] I like it, and they're all awesome.
Join it's so super easy and you can like post pictures..
maybe even flower pictures?
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Ice to see you.

Bam. Today was pretty friggin awesome. Watched the Incredibles with the one and only JRL. :] he's a hunk a roo. Anyways we watched that and he picked up chic fil a (yeehaw). That was really tasty, thanks again sweet pea. Then lemme see, he had to go to work and then I went tanning. And I came home and I fell ashleep hehe woops. Then let's see, I ate dinner and listened to the message from my baby. I'm so lucky, I mean every single day it never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am, and how lucky I am. It's just like....surreal. I haven't updated in a while so I thought I might as well. I love you baby :] happy early 7 months. They've gone by so fast..........

So where'd you get those clothes? The toilet store?
lmao I love you.
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comment to be added, but everyone is practically already added.
heh, I know, the old friends-only shenanigan--what can I say?
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Ah, well February is offically over. Time flies when you are in love :). Anyways, this weekend was pretty good. Friday he came over and we watched city of angels, wow, sad movie. I got a little teary eyed. I was still semi-sick :( which was shad. Then on saturday Justin came over :D and we took a nap, but I like twitched and we both woke up, so we went to the library. Heh. I like the magazine section...teheheh. Then we went to his house for dinner and overall it was a pretty awesome Friday and Saturday, like it always is. Then on sunday I went to church. No aubree :( Oh well I guess I'll give her her CD on sunday again or I'll just surprise her and mail it hehe. The family and I went to wal-mart and I convinced my mother to by Breakfast at Tiffanys so Justin and I could have something to watch. And we sordove did, he was too busy singing. *gah* cute...err...then we watched my super sweet sixteen, and had cokes, and I went to choir and youth and it was cold and rainy and kinda boring. But I'm really happy with I guess, my prayer life right now. For a while I've been praying for God to let me have the desire to want to spend time with him and to get to know him more, and I really do have it. It's really awesome, and like supernatural, cause I was sitting in class today, and I just prayed the whole time. Then the teacher called on me about the Weber model and I coughed and felt dumb but heh oh well. So tonight I got home and I opened up this book I have that my dad gave me, and it's really cool, it has proverb like things in them. I read the whole section about love.
I love these.
Creation of woman from the rib of man:
She was not made of his head to top him;
not out of his feet to be trampled upon by him;
but out of his side to be equal with him; under his arm,
to be prtected; and near his heart to be beloved.

We like someone because.
We love someone although.

The best gifts are tied with heartstrings.

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

that's always comforting to hear :)
I love you so much baby, I can't wait to see you.
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