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Well today is my first day back at work. Its not as bad as I thought it would be. I still wish I could be home with the baby but I'm okay knowing he's with his daddy. I wonder if he recognizes me yet... or if he misses me.
I'm currently sick so I've been trying not to hold him too much and I'm making Blair feed him at night. I'm nursing so I'm constantly feeling my shirt to see if tehre are any wet spots. I hate having to pump in the restroom but there are no other private rooms.

anyways I can't wait to see him when I get home.

soon to be...

i've been very lucky in that i have had FOUR baby showers. I never would have thought so many people cared but we're really happy with everything we got!
The above pictures are of me at the beginning of march so you can imagine that i'm only bigger now. looking at these pics i look and feel so huge.
there are EIGHT days left till my due date but chances are the baby will come after my due date. i'm so ready though to have this baby. i just want to get the whole ordeal over with.
i took lamaze classes earlier thsi month, i hope i remember everything.
anyways i don't think this baby is coming any time soon since i've had no contractions, he hasn't dropped, my water hasn't broke NADA!

wish me luck! i hope i don't have to have a c-section :(

Jan. 30th, 2007

My vacation was awesome last week. We did so much stuff, I just wish I could have done more. This weekend we're supposed to go look at baby stuff (strollers, cribs and all that junk). I am so tired of being pregnant. I have just over 2 months left to go. I really just want to pop the baby out and start feeling normal again. anyways here are some pictures.

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last road trip of 2006

we spent 5 days in utah with the in laws. I had fun. i wanted to do a lot more but Blair didn't feel comfortable with me hiking to see glaciers. i told him we could do it i would just need rest stops along the way.

Anyways here's a little look at my Christmas vacationCollapse )

Dec. 21st, 2006

apparently the baby has fetal hydrophronosis which the doctor was not too concerned about. what i am concerned about is my weight! i've gained 24 pounds already and i don't understand how. my doctor doesn't want me to gain more than 25 pounds so she might be sending me to aa nutritionist. all my weight is on my stomach which is not that huge so i don't understand where the weight is. i notice certain parts of me plumper but i don't have rolls of fat or anything. i don't know, maybe i am fat but i'm just in denial.

ugh i'm so stressed out about my weight right now. i'm hungry but i'm not sure that i want to eat because no matter how healthy i eat it seems like it just packs on weight.

anyways here are some recent pictures of me. without make-up on everyone tells me how tired i look but i don't feel tired. i have more energy now than ever before.
I am currently 26 weeks along or in layman's terms 6 MONTHS.

thats all for now. i'm going up to utah for a week to play in the snow. i'm pretty excited though i'll miss my family on christmas eve. only 7 more months until we move! i hope philly will be nice to us.
Well we found its a boy. We got all sorts of pictures of his foot, his little body and his face. We have one name we are seriously considering but we're not sharing it with anyone until he's born.
That's the good news... I got a call from the nurse at my OB/GYN office telling me that she made an appointment with a Perinatologist. I haven't been able to get a hold of the doctor or the nurse and now i'm really worried because I don't know why I'm being referred out.

So I looked up the defination of Perinatologist:
Perinatology is a subspecialty of obstetrics. These are doctors who have had extensive training in the field of high risk obstetrics. Perinatologists are concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher-than-normal risk for complications.
Some patients may be referred to a Perinatologist if their fetus has a suspected or known abnormality, an abnormal karyotype (such as Down syndrome), or a maternal condition which may affect the fetus. Patients can be referred at any point during their pregnancy at the discretion of their referring obstetrician.

That does not ease my nerves and now I have no idea whats wrong with me or my baby. I want to call Blair but I don't want to worry him.

Nov. 29th, 2006

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i hate the way i look. its like the worst months ever for me to watch my body just get bigger. I was kind of hoping it would just be my stomach but from these pictures its looks like everything else is widening as well. at least now i can feel the baby so its comforting to know that i'm not just carrying a tub of lard but there's actually someone growing inside of me. according to the book i'm reading the baby should be about 10 inches in length and weighs about 12-15 ounces.

Almost all my clothes don't fit anymore except for some stretchy shirts. I've been buying shirts in Large to fit my belly. The other day I got some maternity jeans in size 2 and they were too big but they were 15 bucks at old navy so I wear them anyway. I hate buying clothes because most maternity clothes are just too big and then regular non pregnant clothes fit but aren't long enough and so my tummy shows.

by the way my belly button looks like its going to pop out in about two weeks or so. I've always been an innie so its going to be weird to have an outie. I just want April to come and go so I can focus on getting back into shape. I hope I have an easy going baby so I can take him/her out to walks.

I'M MOVING TO PHILADELPHIA. Blair got accepted to Podiatry school out there so we're moving in July! I'm really excited it seems like it would be fun. I'm already checking out some dance classes. I want to take more swing classes and maybe start some hip hop/jazz and tap classes. Also we'll be sort of close to Canada and apparently I have a lot of family out there. I also have an aunt and uncle in NY about two hours away from us.

anyways thats about the only update i have so far. On friday I get to find out if i'm having a boy or girl. everyone is always asking me about names but I'm not sharing unless you're family.

hello, i'm back!

it seems liek i haven't been to work in forever. i had to go to a conference in vegas for a few days. it was pretty boring but i got sorta interested in gambling. roulette seemed like it could be fun. the only problem is that i'm too stingy to put any money down. I also had your typical middle eastern taxi cab driver and man was he an a-hole. i told him that he could keep my change. he kept mumbling under his mouth like he was bitter about something. then he goes off on me! geez i was just trying to be nice. i thought that was what you were supposed to do is have them keep the change.

now i'm back and i just went through a bizillion emails and voice messages. it sucks. i'm gone for one week and the work has just piled on!

anyways i'm 14.5 weeks pregnant which means i'm almost 4 months pregnant. it looks like there is a small ball in my belly that juts out. did i mention the humongous boobs! i didn't expect them to get this big this quick. i think i'm like a size D but Blair swears its only a C. I have to go get measured at V's secrets because i'm not fitting into my bras and i need more support now. I don't want saggy boobs so support is very important to me. my pants barely fit now. I can still button them but i won't be able to very soon. I went to Traget and Old Navy to try on some maternity clothes and I was swimming. i left kinda scared because their x-small was huge around my legs. I expect my belly to get bigger but not my legs. so now i have to find stretchy clothes since maternity clothes don't fit me.

oh yeah we recently moved again. we're now living with my uncle in his big house. i have my cat snow iwth me and i love her so much. she's so cute but i think i've spoiled her because now she's so attached to me that she won't leave my side.

p.s. i love blair because he makes me waffles and takes care of my kitty.
thanks to everyone who responded to my last entry. i appreciate your concern and advice. it really meant a lot to me.

i went to the doctor's and was able to see the baby on the ultrasound screen. i gotta admit that was pretty amazing seeing its heart beat and knowing that it was ok. i've told pretty much everyone including friends, co-workers and family. everyone is so happy and it makes me feel better about things. i wish i could go to school but at the same time i wouldn't give up my baby for it. i'll just go later. so everything is okay now. blair is amazing and i love him so much.

we went up to utah to give his family the good news. it was great to take a mini vacation.
as far as pregnant symptoms go. i definately get them and sometimes i just want to lie down and not do anything but i have to work right now so i try to ignore the nausea. when we went to snowbird i thought i was going to fait because of the altitude and hike. i think i overexerted myself that time.
my stomach is getting BIG. my clothes are starting to get tight! the doctor told me i weighed 98lbs which is a three pound increase for me but i feel like i've gained so much more!
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p.s. i'm due on April 6th, 2007

Jul. 24th, 2006

I start in September... I'm so excited!

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