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[28 Mar 2008|09:47am]
Wednesday I found out a family memeber committed suicide. I never actually met him, but my mom and nanny are close with his mom. And my boyfriend actually went to school with him, played football together. So yesterday was visitation at the funeral home and we all went and I have never seen so many people. Honestly finding a parking spot was a challenge. Even though I had never met him it was really sad that he left behind hundreds of people that cared for him.

There was actually a line to go in to where his body was and while standing in line I saw a group of guys walk by, BIG muscular guys just crying like they were 2. It was so sad. Today is the funeral so i'm making this post before I get ready. It looks like it's gonna rain. Random fact for ya.

This may sound a little gross, but he shot himself in the head...yet it was an open casket. I know I wasn't the only one expecting it to be closed and then seeing it was open and being scared to look. I thought his head would be gone, but they did an amazing job. You could tell, but not really. It just looked like one side of his head had a whoooole lot more makeup.

I haven't even mentioned why he did it. I think it's very selfish, but his dad 3 weeks ago was in a motorcycle accident. Paralyzed from the neck down. Wouldn't you be happy he was alive? Wouldn't that make your time with your dad even more precious? I feel so horrible for his dad. He has to watch his son's funeral from a hospital bed. They're gonna have a live feed for him. And what if he recovers? Miracles happen. I just feel it was pretty selfish to leave your dad like that.

Anyway I need to go get ready. Love you all
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[14 Mar 2008|05:22pm]
I'm gonna keep my promise and keep this up. Not go another whole year without posting. But it's all myspaces fault I tell ya...it's addicting as fuuuck.

Anyway ALOT has happened in the past year.
Actually that's a lie..my life is still boring
I graduated last year so no more highschool. Even though I was homeschooled ha.
Back in may I started dating someone and we're looking for a house! How grown up is that?
I actually went house hunting today and found one I lovelovelove
My boyfriend works everyyy freakin day till 5 so i've been having to pretty much do it by myself which sucks. But this house I found is on about 6 acres (which rocks cause we're big 4 wheeling people) and it has 11 rooms in total and the best part...a hot tub...in the FLOOR
And that's really all that's happened
wait..the biggest and best thing ever...I got a Nikon D40 last year...that camera is my baby
that camera has my ♥
I'm still really into photography
I still have my heart set on being a photographer/storm chaser
If you want to check out some of my stuff you should go here

oh and lost still is my favoritest thing ever

Alrighty i'm out :-)
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[11 Mar 2008|07:58pm]
anyone remember me?
haha it's been a year since I posted!
I think i'm gonna start updating this thing
I kinda jumped on the myspace bandwagon & ended up addicted...yea sad
so yea post a comment if anyone has a clue who I am
in case you forgot
i'm lindsey aka felton
wow I really need to update my info..I haven't been 17 in 2 years
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