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bury me in black [entries|friends|calendar]
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LISTEN UP PUNKS! [16 Apr 2005|12:25am]
[ mood | confused ]

alright, everyone thinks
this new community is so fucken cool. && that's why you all need to go && join it asap.

[youu have been jedi-mind tricked.]

quick quick! do it now! go! join!

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[ mood | i miss him =/ ]

ok last ngiht i called over at mikey's house for victoria (with her on three way) & asked for him 'cause they are into it over him seeing his ex g/f K.C.
so michelle answers and i said, "is mikey there?" and she says, "no, he's not. who is this?" and i said, "jessey." and she was like, "no, he's not here. you wanna talk to thomas."

I ALMOST FRICKIN' WET MY PANTS. i heard victoria cough or choke or something.

i said, "yea, sure." and she gave him the mother fuckin' phone.
i almost died.

we talked for a while, then he hadto get off 'cause he was going to philadelphia for the night & K.C. & Carey got there. but i didn't know it was them til i talked to Katie later that night & she was bitching that Carey was with K.C. (Carey is her boyfriend)

i stayed with heza... we walked around her property (it's huge) and we smoked some cigarettes ('cause we're that goddamn cool) in the cowfield. i am scared shitless of cows. & we got married in the cowfield. so now it is offical. i am a lesbian pimp. hXc.

lol. we walk back and donnie & chris come to see us. they stay for about an hour. donnie likes me o.O he's cool & all but nah. i dont'see that happening. they brought us cigarettes since we ran out. i love them sooo much. lol

well that's about it, that happened. oh, & we chowed down on eggrolls. fuck yea.


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MERRY CHRISTMAS! [24 Dec 2004|06:04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i hope all of you all have a very merry christams holiday! have a wonderful day and i love you all! <33333

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music don't even help me anymore... and music used to be my therapist. [14 Aug 2004|08:45am]
[ mood | punky ]

i guess i should update everyone.... HE ACTUALLY LET ME STAY THE NIGHT WITH MY AUNT. that's the only reason i'm on here right now...

i'm no longer allowed to see my mtoher. we're in a huge custody battle. we go to court on the 24th and i can't take it anymore. my aunt's gonna try to get me. i can't take this shit anymore. i haven't see anyone for shit this summer. i'm surprised i haven't hit a mental breakdown. i have to see a therapist or w/e they are called. schools starts monday....
i never get to see seth (my b/f). i'm miserable. :(

to everyone who is on my friends list or added me or deleted me: i'm so so so sorry i'll try to fix my friends list while i'm here. i'm sorry i don't get to update or comment in your jounral... it's a rough time in my life right now and i apologize. god willing i'll be home or in my aunt's custody in a matter of a week or so. please bear with me and remember me in your prayers. love you all.


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Locked and Sealed [18 Nov 2003|09:30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

that's right there, virgina. this baby is locked and sealed. want to be a friend. SIMPLE! just follow the few small rules below and your in.

1. comment here
2. add me
3. don't tYpE lYkE diS. i laugh at your stupidity.

nowhereroad - old journal
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