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[29 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
So, guess who's back? That's right, folks.

One of my parent's mangy mutts decided it would be a capitol idea to relieve himself on my laptop, so we had to send out for another one(luckily we had a warrantee, and made it look like something other than dog piss destroyed it). So, one week went by, and my father put a Urine-Permeable Charm on it. Sure was glad he did that except, lo and behold, I see a lovely hunk of dog-doo on my new laptop. I only had it for a day, and it was already shat on. We cleaned it off, but the smell remained. No matter what we did, anti-stink charms and such, nothing would work. We later found out that one of my dogs was born with the oh-so-admirable gift of non-liftible stink in his stools. Honestly, where did my parents find these dogs? At this point, I was ready to use an "Avada Kadarva" on this mutt, but my parents put a stop to it. They agreed to get me another one, and I firmly told them that no dog will ever come through my bedroom door again. No matter how many times I insist that we get kitty-cats instead, they refuse to give up those mongrols! At last, my new laptop came through by Owl today.

Anyway , I'm naturally very, very behind in Muggle Studies. Anyone want to help me with getting the marks up before Pumpkin Ball? Apparently I can't go unless my marks in that class go up. Which reminds me, which one of you ladies is interested in going with me? ;)
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[16 Aug 2004|01:44am]
Warded Against Tracey DavisCollapse )
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[09 Aug 2004|12:03pm]
Malfoy's manor was a gas. I turned this mouse I found around the manor (which are few and far between... the place is effin' spotless) into a little tiny Pansy Parkinson. The voice it made was the best, but it still kept the buckteeth. I suppose this could be attributed to my "A" in transfiguration, but this only made it funnier. Her voice was even squeakier and higher-pitched than normal. After an hour, we got annoyed, so we fed it to the neighbor's cat.

That's all for now, I guess.
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[05 Aug 2004|10:10pm]
My parents have convinced me to write in this bloody thing once again. Mum seems to think it will help raise my skill in Muggle Studies; she won't accept that I just don't give a rat's arse about the course. My O.W.L. year I got an "A" and then last year it dropped even more to a "P". I put a spell on the keyboard so I don't have to type on the ridiculous "keyboard" anymore, as was suggested by Professor Snape I hope he doesn't nip me for writing "arse".

I will be going over to Draco's manor tomorrow to visit. It's cool to hang out with him outside of Quidditch practice for once. We'll probably just end up playing some in the backyard, or whateveranything to keep him away from that priss Parkinson.

I know I said I hate Muggles, but I've been listening to this so-called muggle rock group "Led Zeppelin" lately. Although, I think it's because something tells me these lads aren't muggles. They seem to sing a lot of songs about dark magic (or as the muggles call it, "black magic"See! I did retain stuff from Muggle Studies, MUM.), and the lead singer hits high notes no man could possibly reach; he must have put a spell on his voice to make it go higher.

I'm off to go practice some chasing moves I read about in my new advanced Quidditch handbook. I seem to be coming along quite well.
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[27 Jul 2004|11:56pm]
I totally forgot I got this thing...it's been sitting under my smelly Quidditch uniform for about 3 weeks. I was finally able to find some free time to write in this muggle artifact. Which I have to say... describing it with the word "muggle" alone doesn't even fully represent its utter muggle-ness. Who else but a bloody Muggle would practically defecate such an unefficient, uninspired mechanical abortion as this "laptop" onto the face of the earth, and then sell it to other muggles? And now, Dumbledore has the beans to bring this into the wizarding world? It's ludicrous. Not only does it have to be powered by ::shudder:: electricity, but you actually have to press each letter one at a time to form full words, and the letters on the keyboard aren't even in alphebetical order. To give you a taste, here's the first six letters listed on this machine: Q W E R T Y. I think I might have a seizure trying to figure this heap of nonsense out. It's an abomination for Hogwart's to be opening up to this muggle malarky... Muggle inventions and society pollute our Earth, while us Wizards, who have the power to destroy them all, just keep hiding ourselves. It's sick, I tell you. Sick.

Well, anyway, I got an owl from Draco the other day. He wants me to come by his manor, and I agreed to next week, once my parents come back. I've had to look after Rutherford, Apollo, and Maxwell this week (why anyone would go through the trouble to name these mutts is beyond me), and it's just been one problem after another. I'd rather not get into it now, I just figured I'd put a dent in this, as it will be required for Muggle Studies. Did I mention that I really despise muggles?
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