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You watched me like a 10-car highway wreck

with detached, vulgar curiosity.

I need you so much closer.
20 December
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pink eyeshadow is love
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Your Life: The Soundtrack

Created by aiko and taken 21233 times on bzoink!

Opening creditsFrom Autumn To Ashes - Chloroform Perfume
Waking upThe Postal Service - Sleeping In
Average dayFrom Autumn To Ashes - Capeside Roc
First dateAlkaline Trio - Clavicle
Falling in lovePretty Girls Make Graves - A Certain Cemetary
Love scenePosion The Well - Nerdy
Fight sceneUnderoath - A Boy Brushed Red, Living In Black and White
Breaking upAcross Five Aprils - A Year From Now
Getting back togetherCursive - Excerpts From Various Notes...
Secret loveDeath Cab For Cutie - Tiny Vessels
Life's okayBoys Night Out - Where We Breathe
Mental breakdownMy Chemical Romance - Early Sunsets Over Monroeville
DrivingDeath Cab For Cutie - Passenger Seat
Learning a lessonThursday - This Side of Brightness
Deep thoughtBright Eyes - The Difference In The Shades
FlashbackBleed The Dream - Shattered Memories
PartyingEvery Time I Die - Ebalorama
Happy danceFrom First To Last - Kiss Me, I'm Contagious
RegretingSaves the Day - Jessie and My Whetstone
Long night aloneNorthstar - Is This Thing Loaded
Death sceneThursday - Porcelain
Closing creditsThe Cure - End Of The World

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