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On the count of three, everybody overdose.

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♥ Me::
-I'm Molli. My parents named me Molly, but I thought it was ugly, so I changed it to spelling it with an 'i'.
-I'm not a slut, I'm a skank. It isn't too hard to get it right. They're different things.
-The love of my life is a boy named Austin that lives in Colorado.
-Just because I take my clothes off does not make me a whore.
-I'm not conceited. I just don't think I'm ugly.
-I hatehatehate when guys shave off their pubic hair. Like, ew. If you're a guy and you decide that you don't want the forest of love anymore, don't come to me. You won't be getting any. Ever.
-I love MYSPACE friends. So feel free to add me. :D

♥ I Love::
-anything emo.
-teased hair
-airplanes && airports
-Snapple Peach Tea
-guys that don't shave their pubic hair
-huge sunglasses.
-vintage clothes.
-crazy jewelry.
-guys who are involved with the six last things listed.

♥ I hate::
-the dark
-the King from the BK commercials
-my car
-people who don't have their own style.
-washing my hands
-touching door handles of public places
-the anouncer guy on the virgin mobile commercials
-hershey's chocolate.
-shit talking bitches.
-people who can't think for themselves.

♥ Contact Me::
-MSN: makealldemguyzhorny@hotmail.com
-___X A N G A
-___M Y S P A C E