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If Hearts Were Unbreakable... [entries|friends|calendar]

life is beautiful
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[01 08 2011 5:30pm]
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old username unicorn__love

don't be a dickhead/bitch.
don't type all retarded. i hate that.
try your hardest to spell correctly.
if you can't spell, use a spellcheck.
their and there are two different words
to, too, and two are three different words.
use them correctly, please.

you add me first.

NEW USERNAME! x_wishuponme_x
me & you

[12 04 2005 5:15pm]
I'm just a little disappointed that not a lot of people have added me on my new username. . . comment and tell me if you want to add me or you just don't, don't worry I won't care, I just want to make sure that everyone knows I've switched.


me & you

[12 02 2005 12:45pm]
Just wanted to post another entry to remind people that I have a new LJ now...I mean, if you don't want to add me on there, that's fine. I just thought maybe some of you didn't see my other posts about it...
me & you

[09 10 2005 3:24pm]
friend cut.

sorry i'm only keeping certain people. nothing personal against the people i cut, i just don't have as much time to spend on here anymore.


please don't be mad at me if i cut you. i just don't have as much time anymore.
me & you

[08 25 2005 10:09pm]

i've been lazy lately and i have actually had things to do. so i can't read journals all the time and i don't want to neglect LJ so i'm having a friend cut so it'll be easier for me and i'll have less journals to read. no offense if i cut you, don't take offense at all.

not all in alphabeticla orderCollapse )

please remove me from your friends list.

and to all the people i kept. i'm so sorry i've been slacking with comments lately. i'll start up again. =)
me & you

[08 15 2005 12:57pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Phone Post [08 12 2005 1:01pm]
228K 1:12
(no transcription available)
me & you

[08 10 2005 11:11pm]

give me tons of comments! comment with lyrics, poems, pictures, or just random shit.

have fun!

*hinthint* constantine pictures would be great,hehe
me & you

[08 09 2005 1:38am]
wonderful new layout by my buddy sabrina (552890)!!!

go check it out here

i'm in love with it!
me & you

[08 07 2005 9:19pm]
so i'm doing a friend cut. but not the type i usually do. i've already picked out the people who are to be cut. and i will tell you them now. the reasons are either you don't comment, i don't comment, we don't have much in common, or i don't have much interest in your journal. doesn't mean i hate you or anything, so don't be offended. i just want to get rid of some people on my friends list. and these decisions are pretty final...

the cut...Collapse )
me & you

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